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Calling this an alarm clock is a vast understatement both in abilities and indeed in size. It has sat by my bed for several days and roused me in the morning even before the buzzer/sounds/radio has sounded simply by it’s built in light.

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While other models that I have reviewed by Philips have looked more stylish this item does almost exactly the same and in one way it does even more. The second reason is perhaps even more decisive in these times it’s a lot cheaper.

It is 30x21.5x13cm maximum; while it is a basic rectangle shape it is waisted and towards the bottom is only 7cm.

All the controls are in the bottom 9cm of the unit, on the right rear the hard wired mains lead (2metres) and wire FM aerial (.75metres) emerge, on the left rear is the 3.5mm jack plug for Auxiliary input. The left side has the Aroma Diffuser.

The controls are all on the front around the two line display. While the initial appearance is a somewhat random doting of buttons, in use your finger will go to the right place almost automatically for what you want.

As this only has FM Radio there may be the odd station not available the most noticeable is BBC Radio 5 Live. However during my tests the various methods of waking radio/buzzer/sounds were never needed as the light did it everyday.

It is supplied with a screw in 60watt incandescent lamp but it will accept halogen bulbs as I assume the incandescent ones are now end of life thanks to the European Union. While you may feel that 60 watts is not a huge light I can assure you that from a low level it ramps up (by default in 15 minutes) before the alarm time.

If you choose sounds to wake to there are a choice of ten all easily set. The same with whatever radio station you choose.

The twelve pages of Instructions are clear and easy to follow with adequate illustrations. However every one of the buttons has a description as well as an illustration so you could probably do everything without the Instructions.

Once unpacked you need to lift the lid and drop down the back to insert the bulb that is packaged in cardboard inside the unit for dispatch, screw it in and reassemble and you are ready to unfurl the radio aerial and plug in the mains lead. As it is FM there is no auto time set so set this manually, next set the alarm time and what you want to wake to from a list. Now find the frequency of your radio station of choice and that is it.

You can use the light as a reading lamp should you wish and this is easily turned on/off by a single button push. It is even possible to have various colour shades (apart from the default white) possible ideal for a younger child to go to sleep with. However the wake up light is always white. When off but receiving power the time is displayed black on grey. Should it lose power then the clock time is lost however the alarm time and settings are retained.

The Aroma Diffuser is novel feature and can work with leaves, essential oils or aroma beans this can be used at any time (will turn off after 30 minutes) or can even be incorporated into the alarm settings should you so wish.

Often those who come to the market later have an advantage they don’t have to develop – only adapt – anything so development costs are less and therefore they can sell far cheaper. This unit does everything that the other such units I have used do as a lesser cost. However there is no DAB radio. Also what will be the availability of screw bulbs in the future? However it is a rather good way of waking up gently without the alarm jolt.

The Sunrays Alarm Clock is available from the link below for £69.99

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Comment by paul_smart, Mar 30, 2011 8:09

Currently available for £49.99 so now five smilies for valve.

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