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Frying Pan, Saucepan and Pressure Cooker all from Tefal. The first one of the range bearing Jamie Oliver’s name. All were replacing antiquated items and as with most decent new products you wonder why you waited to renew.

tefal frying pan

Frying Pan

This was actually a gift but as I used two previously it replaced one that was bowed by heat so it gave a poor contact and the other was less than perfect in the non stick department. So two pans recycled and a bit more kitchen space.

This is either 23 or 26cm depending on if you measure the base or the rim of the pan. It weights 890grams. A very heavy grade so it would stand a gas ring. The base emblazoned with ‘I’m cooking so you are washing up’ However the times I have washed up this frying pan have been no more arduous than wiping out the pan before a rinse to clean. It is available from the link below for £30 including free delivery.

tefal saucepan

16cm Saucepan

This was the one thing that I knew I desperately needed, to replace my milk pan which had been scrubbed so often that it was no longer non stick and that meant more scrubbing, in fact often while scrubbing I felt the handle move so that was only a case of when – not if - it would fully disengage and mean I had a handle less milk pan.

This is wonderful, with the lid it weights 1085grams (my old pan – no lid – weighed 320grams) in fact as it also has a lid it is used when cooking small amounts of vegetables and even a few potatoes. Twist the knob in the centre of the see through lid to control the amount of steam that escapes and this means less chance of things boiling over. Don’t get me started on cleaning the stove. Actually since having this new 16cm saucepan I have had only to wipe the stove top as I have had no boil overs that needed a scrub. If nothing else a great time saver. It is available from the link below for £32.39 including free delivery.

Tefal Wikook Fast Pressure Cooker

Tefal Wikook

Unless you are the same vintage as me then you will probably need to speak with your mother or grand mother to ask about pressure cookers. A great device but always prone to possibly redecorating the kitchen ceiling. In fact I suspect in their original style that would today fall prey to ‘elf and safety’ so this is somewhat different.

It is 21cm across and 29cm across at the twin handles, the height is 17cm and it weights a substantial 2.15 kilos.

A ten language booklet is included to describe how to use the unit. However most will find their parents or grandparents will have lots of receipts for succulent meals that not only save time but also money as you can often use tougher joints as cooking in this way retains all the juices, you will need less heat than you think to cook.

This is described as a fast cooker. Let’s say you are cooking a chicken or a range of chicken joints. First add a small amount of oil to the base of the pan and heat it up like an open saucepan, add the chicken or chicken pieces and brown the edges turning as required with tongs. Now add your stock and vegetables and then place on the lid. I am not going to say how long they need to sauté as this will depend on the size etc but probably you will save 25-50% of normal cooking time.

Once it has come to the boil reduce the heat and turn the knob on top of the saucepan to the position where steam is retained and then most importantly reduce the heat still more or you will not save energy and your item will soon cause the seal to break (safely) as the point of the unit is to retain all the liquid inside the sealed compartment. It is available from the link below for £71.66 including free delivery.

Visit the Tefal website to see these any many more tools to make you kitchen life easier.

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