Heston Blumenthal and Salter 

Yes the round of Christmas shows has started, I know September has only just begun but various companies show what they think will be on your Christmas wish lists in JULY and here are the first two offerings from one such event held at the Ice Tank in London on what was one of the hottest days of the year and the venue certainly was not even cool.

Heston Blumenthal Precision Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Instant Read Digital Thermoneter

As an ex chef I know the importance of knowing if food is cooked, while some like certain things rare, other items like chickens and turkeys must not be served pink simply because bacteria that lives – even in the dead carcass – and can only be killed by heat.

In the box are the Digital Probe and circular battery to power it. A sleeve to keep the probe in when not in use and a small chart with recommended temperature to know if the item is cooked. This chart has two guideline figures with Heston’s always being less.

While most chefs rely on instinct to know cooks need reassurance that they are not about to give their guests a problem.

The selling point of this top of the range probe is that is readings are ‘up to 5x faster’. It is also accurate measuring in .1cm increments. The tempreture range is -45degrees Celsius to over 200 degrees Celsius.

The probe is 16cm long – just under 12cm to the head – it is 3cm wide. The visible screen is 2x3.5cm.

The display end has a silicon grip so even greasy hands will still be able to hold it.

This is something that any home cook would find a useful present and their guests will love the results.

The Heston Blumenthal Instant Read Digital Thermometer is available from the link below for £17.95 with free delivery.

Salter Y Electronic Kitchen Scale

Walking round the display areas this immediately caught my eye. In among the other scale types was this simple ‘Y’ shape. It weights 156grams with its two ‘AAA’ batteries inserted.

From the front display to the point where the upraised arms take over is 17cm add another 3cm and that is the total length. From side to side -the arm extremities- are 21cm and its height is less than 2cm.

It has three small feet each mounted around 1cm from the end of each extremity.

Salter 1101 WHDR Electronic Y Scale
click image to enlarge

Place anything on it and use the right of two buttons just above the display to zero the scale. Then add whatever you want to weigh. Alternatively if you already know the weight of the container place it on the scale when showing zero and you have the difference.

The left of the two buttons changes the weight type through grams, ounces, millilitres and fluid ounces. Whichever mode you turn off in is the one it restarts in.

To switch on touch the right button to switch off hold that button for a couple of seconds.

So for those thinking I have a perfectly good scale think of the times when you are using a larger object, does it cover the display? What about the times that something is lop sided?

Here whatever the side – within reason – this scale can tell you the weight.

The two imperial measurements display in one eighth of an ounce measurements and the other two in 1gram or 1 millilitre measurements. It weights up to 5kilos, 11pounds, 5000millilitres or 175fluid ounces.

Once you have added an ingredient you can again zero the scale to make it easier to add the next ingredient.

In poor light the scale has a bright backlight, making the display show a clear white light for the weight. It will automatically turn off after around a minute when displaying zero.

So with the centre so offset things that often cannot be weighted correctly can now be handled by the ‘Y’ scale.

The Salter Y Electronic Kitchen Scale is available from the link below for £13.83 with free delivery.

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