Evesham 32inch LCD TV (V32EMRO-ZE3 32in HDTV) 

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As the prices of LCD fall the idea of picking one of the cheapest is perhaps not as stupid as it seems. A 32inch LCD TV for less than £600 and with free delivery.
Evesham V32EMRO HDTV

Firstly this has all the connections at the rear including D-SUB and HDMI. It is an analogue unit, however if you attach a Freeview box to it you are all but up to date. I would have loved to have used the excellent DigiFusion FVRT200 box (29/3/06) but that was long since returned as it also has a built in PVR and has a dual tuner built in. Instead I used the entry level Fusion FTR103 box (18/8/06) this is not in the same class or price category of the DigiFusion unit but fine once switched on.

This is not the smallest 32inch unit at 94x56x10cm and the metal stand is also quite large at 62x20cm, so in effect the 10cm width is doubled to 20cm. The weight is around 18.5kilos, somewhat less than my own 28inch normal TV. It fits on my normal unit but the position is determined by the width and the stand.

The speakers are down the sides of the screen and the actual viewing area is 70x40cm giving the diagonal 32inch measurement. There are a range of controls along the bottom edge of the unit, this area is a matt silver colour with the rest in a tasteful matt black which in a fairly dark room really does not detract from the screen at all.

There is a 52key remote control that can do everything and those controls on the front edge are not really required. For those who leave the unit in standby you never need to go to the TV. However I tend to turn it off and joy of joys it does have an on/off button at the bottom rear on the left of the unit near where the computer type power lead enters. For me not having an on/off switch was one of the very few minus points of the LG unit previously reviewed.

So plug in your aerial and power leads and switch on. Press the menu key, select your country and then tell it to tune. At this point I suggest you go and make a cup of tea or coffee as the tuning is slow, close to ten minutes later it found my seven channels. On this occasion I had turned on my video recorder so this was found along with my cable box and the five analogue channels.

On very close exanimation there is some very slight ghosting when text is overlaid on the screen the worst is white text but it is hardly noticeable certainly not from a normal watching distance. Tracking of fast moving objects is okay and the colour is crisp, sharp and well defined.

Having said the picture quality is good the sound is also very clear even when ramped up as it needs to be for the Fusion box. I was also pleasantly surprised at the viewing angle as you could be close to level to the unit and still see a clear crisp image. I first found this when checking the very slight ghosting.

I did attach a PC and found the image quite viewable, however I spend most of my review period using the unit with analogue and digital input as well as replaying video and DVD and the occasional use of my cable box all without any problem. I remember one of the 37inch offerings I reviewed found fast forward on my video (to cut out the adverts) a problem, not so here as it holds the image very well.

Like all recent TV's it is sold as HD ready but perhaps something to temp most is the three year in home swap out should your unit have a fault. Given the size and weight it is not something you want to walk down the High Street with.

One or two readers have said they preferred to read about the connections etc on the manufacturers site. I give a general link below and once on that page you can easily click through to the technical data.

Details direct from Evesham :

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