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Two products for jobs around the home from JML who seem to have a lot of such items. In the past I have reviewed several useful cooking devices. Here a portable light source and something to stop those annoying drips or more.

otion Activated Light Sensitive LED Security Light
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Sensor Bright

Almost all local councils now turn street lights off during the ‘small hours’, mine turn them off between Midnight and 5AM. If you arrive home after midnight then finding your way up your garden path can be improved by something that senses movement. This solution needs no wiring as it runs on four ‘AA’ batteries – rechargeable ones work fine – and it can even be fixed in different places by screws or doublesided tape.

A little thought about placement can avoid wildlife setting it off by setting it to avoid areas near the ground. It has seven lights arranged in a circle six around the outside and one in the centre with a chromed surface behind to increase the light.

The infra-red sensor is below the light array and a click movement on the fitment allows it to swivel to eleven different points, there is an on/off button on the underside but inside the fitment housing.

If there is adequate light then the sensor will not light up so it can be left in the ‘on’ position.

The housing is circular at 12cm and if the light area is horizontal from the housing it is 14.5cm from front to back. The light area is round and 7cm.

Screws raw plugs and sticky pads are provided as is a small four side User Guide.

I tested this both outside and inside and it could also deter casual intruders.

The JML Sensor Bright is available for £12.99

Ultra Tough Durable Fibreglass Repair Tape
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Raptor Wrap

Described as a bandage to fix anything it is an ‘insanely strong fiberglass repair wrap’.

The example shown on the box is a hammer broken near the head, dip the wrap in water and wrap firmly round the arm and head. This for me anyway is a poor example as a new hammer would probably be cheaper than the cost of the Raptor Wrap.

However I found a couple of uses first with a join in my guttering that has always been a drip hazard and recently it had broken at the link. Wrap the wrap round the guttering and no more leaks that would certainly cost more to replace than the cost of the wrap. I also had another point with an extension into a drain that has always wept now it does not.

What you get is the roll of fiberglass tape a pair of disposable gloves and an instruction sheet.

The hammer is the example given on the box and in the instructions but you should be able to do the same things for any of the examples shown on the box they are Sports, Pipes, Auto and Tools. The surfaces mentioned are Wood, Plastic and Metals.

The motto seems to be ‘Fix Anything’. Importantly always wear the gloves as fiberglass is a nasty material in the raw but my guttering and the weeping link are both clean. A final warning on the instruction sheet Use at own risk.

The JML Raptor Wrap is available from the link below for £9.99.

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