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How many passwords do you have, probably not as many as you should, if one site gets infected or has a leak then any site you use that has that password is vulnerable. Not a pleasant thought so you have two main choices. Write down all your passwords, which is not a great idea, or find a way to let someone else look after all your passwords.

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One such package for SmartPhones is Keeper Security. I am told more than 10% of all passwords is 123456, while of course there are still those who use default settings and one of those is err PASSWORD. Hopefully not you, or before long – maybe it has already happened – you will be compromised.

The very early virus writers did it for fun and I believe that ‘Hello World’ would be displayed on your screen. Then the nasties started by formatting your disc or worse then the ransom brigade started work. All these let you know what they are doing.

In a way something called a keylogger is worse it just records your keystrokes so the next time you enter details like your credit card or bank details it is recorded and then these are sold on to others who empty your bank account etc.

So there is no need for them to write an algorithm to beat encryption you type they read and you never know you have been infected until your credit card is declined or your bank ring you.

Of course Internet Security packages which are more advanced than plain Anti-Virus could or should detect these keyloggers but as the trackers get cleverer so do the nasty people creating them and some security companies even employ these thieves as ‘poacher come gamekeeper’.

Once downloaded the Keeper software requires you to enter a few details including a master password yes you have to remember that one.

Now you start to let Keeper Security look after your already created passwords so pick a day without a hangover or one where you remember where those pieces of paper or book with created passwords are and once entered for the one and only time in Keeper Security it then enters details for you.

Of course certain programs like Google Chrome offer to remember passwords for you but then that rather negates security as they are filled and the most you would need to enter is ‘Enter’.

Some sites are clever in that every so often they require you to enter details in a different way and that Google cannot do. Others that you may not use too often require an occasional password and as you do not enter it frequently that is harder to remember.

Some sites want different ways of proof so having one program that remembers them all is one way to be able to do what you want.

While I have tried several of these type of package my one caveat is what if that firm goes out of business?

So as part of a belt, braces and safety pin solution Keeper Security from the iOS or Android store can help.

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