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Both items from a company called tech21, first a case for an iPhone 7 and also for the same device something that Apple devices certainly seem to need a screen protector and this is called Impact Shield Self Heal 4.7 inches.

tech21 iphone7 case
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Evo Tactical Durable Protection Refined

Protection made intelligent is how tech21 label this case. It makes three claims on the front of the box 3metre 3-layer drop protection, ultra-thin & lightweight and limited lifetime warranty let’s delve deeper into those claims.

The case itself stretches over the back and sides of the iPhone and just enough over the front of the unit to hold it in place. All the phones connections are still accessible and the case puts buttons over the buttons so on/off on the right and volume up and down on the left. It forms a snug fit and providing the phone does not fall on its face onto a protruding object it should survive although I would have had to stand on a chair to reach the 3metre (9 foot 9 inch) claim for the safe dropping claim.

The sides and edges should all be okay as the material in the case is made to absorb knocks so those whose back jeans pocket collide with tube or train doors as they close should mean both the phone and the jeans along with what they contain should feel no real pain.

The case itself weighs 33grams so yes it is lightweight. My case was black but look at the edges of the inside and they have vertical ridges in white which helps absorb the shock of collision. The outside of the back of the case has a waist shape indentation which again is there to absorb.

The warranty claim is made and if someone has a problem then it is there to reimburse.

The Evo Tactical 4.7inch from tech21 is available from the link below for £39.95.

Impact Shield Self Heal 4.7inch

While my own preference is a flip shut case which gives total protection for your phone a lot of people seem to like back and sides cover only which of course leaves the screen vulnerable to break or crack when the phone is dropped, if it falls on its side or back you breathe a sigh of relief when it still works and the money you paid for a case like the one above has just proved a good investment.

If it drops on its face and the ground has nothing projecting from it then the edge around the front may save you however if there is a pebble or edge of paving stone protruding then your phone probably has a cracked screen at the very least.

Yes you have worked out that most case manufacturers sell a solution in the form of a screen covering that is fine enough not to interrupt your view or stop your finger contacting the screen so the screen cannot respond to your commands.

Four claims are made 1) Advanced Protection, Enduring Clarity. 2) Advanced Impact Protection. 3) Durable, Self-Healing Clarity. 4) Easy Application. The last of these I can confirm as an applicator is included.

As with all such items you really only get one chance so take your time and make sure the phone is clean as even if the cover fits correctly that unremoved finger mark on the screen will be there forever if it was not cleaned off before you applied it.

The Tech21 Impact Shield Self Heal 4.7inch is available from the link below for £19.95.

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Comment by paul_smart, Dec 3, 2016 12:04

Both the items above will state iPhone 7 on the packaging and not 4.7 inch as on my samples.

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