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Learn about the Pacific Northwest of America with this next game from Boom Zap.

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Boom Zap would like to take you on an educational tour of the Pacific Northwest of America.  This offer comes in the form of the company’s Finding America – The Pacific Northwest package.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this is a Hidden Object game with bonus chapters and numerous mini game puzzles to enhance the playing pleasure.

Along with the standard options to create profiles, adjust volume levels and select the viewing mode, this game can be played in Easy, Medium, Hard or Custom difficulty levels.  Whatever your choice you can also select from a choice of a more leisured approach by taking a campaign trail or opting for unlimited play as you need to find every object placed in every location. 

By taking the campaign route you will need to follow a trail made up of 40 chapters consisting of a number of locations.  On the completion of the chapter’s location, you will be faced by a mini game puzzle.  While the chapters have to be followed in sequence, you will be granted the freedom of choice when deciding in what order you tackle the individual locations the chapter contains.  Some locations will find themselves repeated in different chapters.

Each location will feature an appropriate scene that contains numerous items that will form the object of any search that needs to be carried out.  Various methods are used to display which items need to be found. A popular method is to display the items in text format. There will also be occasions when the required listed items will have their vowels removed or their letters jumbled up with the initial letter being indicated by a capital letter.  Often when the list appears in text format, you could find some items that are presented in a blue colour.  The use of the blue colour will indicate that the item is a task, such as giving the dog a bone or catching a butterfly, you will need to perform within the confines of the scene.  In some cases a riddle will be used to identify individual objects.

Text is not the only method used to display the required objects.  Sometimes an image could be used to indicate your target or even a silhouette.  Although various method may be used to display the list, you are not given the choice of selecting your preferred choice and have to accept whatever the program gives you.

When searching a location you are provided with both Standard and Super Hint features.  With a Standard hint it will identify a single required item while a Super Hint will briefly indicate the positions of several items.  Integrated in scenes will be a second or sometimes third scene which is indicated by an outbreak of sparkles.  These mini scenes can contain required items needed for the search.

Integrated into each scene will be five interesting facts relating to the location.  In order to unlock these facts you will need to find a key symbol.  As only a single key symbol will be displayed at a time, you must visit each location five times in order to unlock all the facts.  There is also a Star symbol available in a scene and once found this will unlock the scene and make it available for use in the Unlimited Game play mode stage of the game.

After completing all the locations within a chapter, you will be given the opportunity to compete a mini game puzzle.  This puzzle could involve putting back together all the irregular pieces of an image such as a flower or statute.  Another puzzle type involves finding pairs in a scene or items that do not belong in a scene.  You could also be asked to draw and paint a sketch scene or recreate a scene by rotating and swapping sections of the original image.

On the completion of the main game you will gain access to other tasks.  These tasks can be found in 14 additional chapters.  You will also be able to replay mini game in a Subgame Journal option and accept the challenge of the game’s Play Unlimited feature.

Offering a range of puzzle-centric game play, Finding America – The Pacific Northwest C.E. can be download from where it is priced at $19.99.  It can also be downloaded from Big Fish Games priced at £15.92.  The game requires a 2.0 GHz processor with 4096MB of RAM and 1.41GB of hard disk space running Windows 7 and later.

Finding America: The Pacific Northwest - Collector's Edition | Bigfish Games

Finding America: The Pacific Northwest - Collector's Edition | GameHouse

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