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From the latest lawn mower to hedge trimmer to that great new way to BBQ, or inside that wizzy vacuum, cool fridge. A big topic this one, with new gadgets appearing daily! Come and read other members experiences or opinions, or share your own with the rest of the community.

Four years ago I saw Kärcher’s earliest entry into the Window Cleaning market the WV 50. So here is the 2017 version unusually with a lower number than the original at WV 5. This is the top of the range of the three currently available units.
The Karcher VC5 Premium is a compact, versatile and powerful mains powered upright vacuum cleaner which has been designed with the modern home in mind where storage space is at a premium.
I get the occasional chance to test items from LIDL and as in the case here they sometimes arrive in time to tell you about them before they go on sale in their stores. Here a hand blender that not only is the basic thing but comes with extra attachments for other tasks.

872546 Y Cam EVO Indoor HY-Cam Security Camera

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 22 Mar 2017
Y-Cam has been producing home security cameras for a while. There latest offering is what I am scrutinising here. It is the EVO, possibly the easiest camera I have even setup. This unit is intended to be used indoors only and it is powered by USB.

872544 Wilko Food Mixer Set Stainless SteeWilko Food Mixer

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 19 Mar 2017
It is rare for me to start with the price; £20 for a food mixer on a stand is I think unique, so I asked to review one. You could probably get a basic hand held offering for this price but certainly not one with a set of beaters a set of dough hooks as well as a large stainless steel bowl and stand.
Having last week told you about a mattress cleaner from Hoover; here I get to dust off my ironing board to test out one of their latest group of irons. Certainly this is a far different product from a standard iron that resides in the back of one of my cupboards.

872288 Hoover UltraMATT MBC500UV Mattress Vacuum CleaneHoover your mattress

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 27 Feb 2017
Yes you read it correctly, Hoover have brought out a cleaner specifically for cleaning of mattresses. While those of us that have mattresses that can be turned I am sure few of us – and certainly not me – have previously taken a Hoover to a mattress.

871894 dremel 4000 tooDIY Kit Package

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on 11 Feb 2017
I must admit that I passed through my DIY phase several years ago as other matters became more prominent in my life. Maybe, however, this period of getting my hands dirty might have been extended if I had access to a kit such as the subject of this next review.
While some other companies may have a wider choice of models from more companies AO have a big plus in that they offer next day delivery by their own vans, you are rung on the day and yes they deliver when they say they will. Another plus their prices are very keen.
At this time of year a lot of people just forget their gardens, nothing much grows even the weeds call a truce. So here something for those who cannot leave well alone a garden blower to move those leaves around and regiment them in neat piles.

870780 KRUPS NESCAF%C3%89 Dolce Gusto Movenza Touch Silver Coffee MachinDolce Gusto Movenza

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 5 Dec 2016
Coffee Machines have always been popular with Gadgetspeak readers and none more so than those produced by Nescafe Krups. However it’s been quite a few years since I could get my hands on one and they certainly have changed a lot.

Names A Plenty

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on 8 Nov 2016
The more people you ask the same question, the more varied the answers are likely to be as can be seen with this report.
This machine uses pod coffee from Lavazza and they do a huge range so you should find at least one you like, it also has a fool proof milk frother jug as part of the unit now there is no longer an excuse not to have a perfect Cappuccino at home.
The Ambiano Premium Stand Mixer, ref. 68007, will go on sale in Aldi stores nationwide and online as one of the company’s “specials” on 20th October. It is a solidly build traditional food mixer which comes with extra accessories to increase its versatility.
Making a change from the usual diet of Bluetooth speakers, this next product relies totally on an audio lead connection.

869460 Wilko Milkpan Stainless Steel non sticWilko Milk Pan

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 19 Sep 2016
A simple thing that I am sure we all have at least one of, this however is something different as it is a lot taller than most, it is very solidly constructed and I see that it comes with a ten year guarantee and it still costs only £10.

869587 Salter Kitchen Scale TimerThermometer Gift SeKitchen Tools

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on 17 Sep 2016
Salter does not just makes scales, it also produces a gift set that includes a set of scales.
The Salter Precision Bowl scales model 1083 BKSSDR provide a most useful tool to enable a cook to measure ingredients both easily and accurately.

869463 LIFX Colour 1000 Wi Fi Smart LED Light BulLIFX Smart Bulb

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 14 Sep 2016
Not in itself a new item but apart from the normal screw fitting style available for this sort of Wi-Fi bulb this unit also comes with bayonet fittings far more often found in UK home and because these bulbs are thicker after the thread they often will not fit into wall fittings.
This is possibly the simplest way to clean your carpets, the technology means they dry a lot quicker, the one problem you are left with is where you put all the furniture while this product does what it does for you and your carpets.
A gift that anyone wanting to get into baking will appreciate, a flat surface 5kilo kitchen scale, an instant read thermometer and a timer. Best of all they all match so even the kitchen that has them in will look smart before cooking starts.

869366 Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy Bosch Tassimo Joy

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 31 Aug 2016
While it is a pod coffee machine the Bosch Tassimo Joy can dispense other hot drinks and unlike most coffee machines it accepts coffee from a range of manufacturers and so if you have a favourite coffee shop brand and they do a Tassimo pod then you can have your fix at home.
The Salter Kitchen Gift Set contains the digital tools -- scales, timer and thermometer -- needed to assist a cook to obtain consistent results
The Wilko milk pan will be appreciated by those who like hot milk on their breakfast cereal or a hot milky drink at bedtime.

869061 Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal BlendeBreville Blend-Active

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 24 Jul 2016
Five a day is the mantra for ‘fruit and veg’ but then all the things you like do not count so not your potatoes even when they are steamed. However if you make your items up into a smoothie or drink they do count and this makes it easy.

868269 Hoover Velocity Vacuum Power PetHoover Velocity

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on 31 May 2016
It is time to give my home a good cleaning while checking out a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

868225 Hoover UltraMATT MBC500UV Mattress Vacuum CleaneMattress Cleaning

Published in Homes and Gardens by mfereday on 19 May 2016
How many entities share your bed? The answer might surprise you. Did you know that an average mattress can be home to 10 million dust mites? The reason why dust mites choose this type of habitat is that they thrive in the warm, moist environment engendered by such a location.
A few weeks ago I had a gas problem, when I realised it was going to take a while to fix I started to look around for other ways to keep warm in the mornings, at this time of year the afternoons are not a problem and nor are the evenings.
Spreading its audio net wide, Edifier’s latest speaker system can connect to a range of sources.

867630 Arlo Q Smart Home 1080p Night Vision Full HD Security CamerNetgear ArloQ

Published in Homes and Gardens by paul_smart on 6 Apr 2016
Having launched various cordless cameras Netgear now go the other way and attach a cord but instead of this being an Ethernet one it is a generous length USB one meaning it takes power from the cable – no batteries – and sends the signal it receives to your account.