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To dust off my ironing board twice in a year is unusual and certain things like trousers and my non drip dry shirts think it’s their birthday as they get sharp creases – that’s the trousers – and no visible creases – that’s the shirts and for good measure other items see an iron for the first time in a while.
As with so many recent items your first task is to absorb the images that form the first twelve pages of the instruction booklet and then the eight pages of close typed text. This is a steam iron designed to work with ordinary water and like the few irons that pass through my grasp it comes with a stand meaning that you no longer need an ironing board as the stand remains cool so it can sit on a table.
Strangely enough I saw this at a launch last year, at the same event the large Kitchen Machine was shown and as that became available first it was reviewed first. Here this little device is for anyone who chops and slices.
The first thing for me is the compactness so ideal for those smaller kitchens. 14x14cm is the base area required with whatever you are catching the output in needing space in front. Assembled it is 28cm tall so it should fit easily on a shelf. The overall weight with a cutter in place is just less than 1300 grams, so not that heavy. Everyone should eat their ‘five a day’ and something like this may just encourage those less keen to get their ration via fresh vegetables.
The first such device I remember using was a Sunbeam Mixmaster and that was certainly more than fifty years ago. So how have such machines developed and evolved over that time scale, certainly they have a lot more tools.
This device offers to do almost all the jobs that you do not do by hand and also those jobs that you can do by hand – such as whipping cream – but take time and are tiring. This machine does all those jobs as well as some you may not have yet thought of. It is not just a mixer, it’s a juicer, a mincer and much more, so far the only things it refuses to do are the washing up and hovering.
Unlike the unit recently reviewed from Tefal this does not require a stove just a 13amp socket to plug it into. These items used to be called pressure cookers as they cook quickly, now the name is a Multi Cooker as it is versatile.
The Tefal Multi Cooker is circular 29cm across where there are no handles and 34cm across where the handles protrude and close to 30cm tall. Plug the supplied mains lead into the rear of the unit read the instructions are you are ready to prepare a one pot meal. As with anything bearing the Jamie Oliver name there is a receipt book here it is a full colour 160 page offering. There is an instruction booklet with the first eleven pages in English.
No matter how many rings your cooker has there are always times when you are juggling them to get even a fairly basic meal prepared so that everything is ready to eat at the same time. This could be a solution to the problem.
One such solution requires bamboo containers to be stacked on top of a saucepan, this is something totally different. In fact this requires no rings at all as it starts with the base that is the cooking element and above that other containers as required. It claims to be able to produce a three course meal with no mixing of the juices between courses, certainly something that the bamboo containers cannot do as the steam comes through from bottom to top.
If like me you are of mature years you will remember pressure cookers and I am sure today such objects would be illegal. This however is very unlike what was on offer it is just a rapid method of one pot cooking.
It still works on pressure but the change of it exploding and depositing burning liquid all over your kitchen and you are all but nil. It has a very simple and foolproof locking mechanism. A very easy and safe method of removing the steam and should you need to move it while in use then it has two one click lock handles that remain cool. It is 25cm tall to the top of the lid and 25cm across. The interior diameter is 22cm and the base diameter is 18cm.
Tefal have teamed up again with Jamie Oliver to give us the fantastic Advanced Silicone Bakeware. Their claim that "unbelievable cakes will pop out!" is well and truly justified with a range of baking moulds to make you smile.
It's been one of those weeks! And my Mum always said "Whenever you're down bake a cake - you'll always feel better". She's right and I'm sure Jamie Oliver would agree. So between my Mum, Jamie and Tefal my long hard day was brightened up by cake making with the Jamie Oliver Professional Series Advanced Silicone Bakeware (that's a mouthful bigger than the one of the muffins I've just made). I am now eating one of the most delicious cherry muffins I have ever tasted.
Boiling a cup of water is quicker than boiling a full kettle so saving on time and energy consumption. That's the idea behind the Tefal Quick Cup.
Saving energy is important for both conservation issues and, especially with the ever-increasing spiral of rising costs, financial concerns.  Arriving with accreditation from the Energy Saving Trust, the Tefal Quick Cup product offers to help by delivering a significant reduction in energy consumption when compared against that of the average kettle.
I must confess that ironing does not rank near the top of my list of favourite tasks. In fact, if truth be told, I would position this particular job somewhere near, if not quite at, the bottom of those jobs I would be happy to tackle.
Needs must when it comes to reviewing a product and so I took the Tefal AQUASPEED Ultracord 260 product in hand and prepared myself to work through a pile of clothes, bedding and the like that were crying out for a session with this new iron.  Almost futuristic in appearance, this purple and cream iron comes with a permanently attached wide base (135 x 145cm) that incorporates an anti-slip feature to help secure the iron when in an upright position.
While electric toasters have been around for many years, Tefal has decided to give this type of device a make-over with a new feature.
Whether it is breakfast, mid-morning or a late-evening snack, the thought of poached egg on toast can cause the gastric juices to begin flowing - at least that is probably the reasoning behind a new product from Tefal.  The product, as you might have guessed if you had read my earlier report, is the Tefal Toast n' Egg.  Tefal has taken a two slice toaster and attached a basic food preparer to one end.
In these days of healthy eating, we have all been made aware that chips are loaded with oil and are not good for us. However, the Tefal Actifry which is claimed to only need 14ml of oil to fry 1kg of chips changes all that. After all, less than 2% fat is pretty good.
It was a rainy morning, more like an April downpour really but this was July, as I avoided the puddles on my way to check out the new products from Tefal, Krups and Rowenta under the banner of Beyond Innovation 2008.
Situated in , within a stone's throw of Oxford Street and Bond Street, the Music Room is one of those locations that are often used by companies to show off their wares to the press and trade customers. My previous visit had been to check out new products from Sony Ericsson and now I was faced with various household gadgets bearing the , Krups and Rowenta brands.
Can you imagine frying chips in less than a teaspoon of oil and getting lovely crisp chips? Well with the Tefal Actifry you can and you do.
I was to say the least sceptical deep fried chips to be crispy require double frying and that requires them to be cooked at a lower temperature and then recooked at a higher temperature to crisp them. So following the instructions I picked a medium sized potato which if it is 250 grams is stated to be a single portion. I weighed a few and found one at 260 grams. 13x13mm and up to 9cm long. I know we have been metric for umpty six years but to me that is still ½inch.
It looks like an almost conventional toaster but there is this Perspex area at one end. Yes while you cook your toast you can also poach your egg, it really does work, but please do not try this in your standard toaster.
It is 35x16x19cm. All the controls are on the front these consist of the normal vertical push arm to insert the toast and a horizontal slider to decide how dark you want your toast. To the right in a compass like arrangement are four push buttons. South is cancel, west is toast, north is toast and egg and east is egg. The power lead comes from under the unit it is a tab under one metre long and maybe it could be just that bit longer.
We've had a big focus on kitchen gadgets in the last month, and here's a neat little idea from Tefal and Jamie Oliver. In such a very small box, roughly the size of just one medium casserole dish, we received a 6 piece set of aluminium non-stick pans. This is the Jamie Oliver Survival Kit, and it's a fabulous range of cookware for anyone with limited space – perhaps those in their first studio flat, or students at uni.
Six pieces actually means 3 pans (wok, saucepan and frying pan), two lids and a handle which interchanges between the three pans. All the pieces slot nicely into like Russian dolls. Made by Tefal, they have a lovely non-stick surface and are very easy to use. Each pan has the Tefal thermostat red dot in the middle to tell you when they are hot enough to fry in.