EasyUse Mobile Phone 

For anyone with poor sight a mobile phone is normally a nightmare, however this offering has large buttons and an easy to read display, ideal for anyone who wants just a phone.
ITT EasyUse Mobile Phone

The ITT EasyUse mobile phone is a light grey colour and the phone weights only 112grams it is 13x5.5x1.5cm and the monochrome 4 line display is 3.5x2.2cm.

There are twelve large buttons (four rows of three) each 1.4x1cm and all have a large white numeral on a blue background. Above this are the green call button and the red end call button both with large white illustrations on them these are each 2cm long. Above this are four round buttons M1 to M4 and storing a number on each is as simple as pressing the button and then entering the number, after this just press the button required and the green button and you can make the call.

Normally the display will show icons on the top line, the time on the second line and the third line shows the date. When you dial a number a large box opens and as you dial the digits show up from right to left six to a line so twelve can be input before they scroll off the left of the screen.

The battery has a standby time of 160 hours between charges and around 140 minutes talk time. The right side has a mini USB lead to 13amp plug to charge the phone. This same mini USB socket is used to connect the supplied earbuds that enable you to use it in pocket as the earbud lead has a button on it to allow you to answer calls.

The left side has three buttons scroll up and scroll down with the basic menu button below this. Unlike most mobile phone this only does three things in sequential presses. One enters the phone book that can store 50 numbers, another push enters the time and date mode and the third push allows you to select from nine different ring tones.

Of course most modern phones do this and lots more but often they are fiddly to do any entering and the less agile will struggle not only to enter basic information but also to navigate the rather complex menus.

There is a small manual in six languages and here the whole concept is blown apart as the sixteen pages in English that explain the simple features and how to implement them are in small type - 30 lines of type on an 11cm long page - totally useless for anyone with less than perfect sight. Okay so a severely limited sight person will probably have a carer or friend to setup the phone but someone who is just old may well not.

It's all very well being shown on the RNIB website but surely the instructions could have been on A4 paper well spaced and yes it would probably have meant more pages but those who need a mobile phone without friends to set it up would certainly appreciate the larger instructions.

It is available for £139.99 from either of the links below on Vodafone Pay as you Talk package. or


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Comment by chris morgans, 15 June 2010 9:49

The instructions for the easy phone are extremely complicated,however the worse thing about the phone is the charging socket.It is very small and possible for an aged person to confuse which way round the plug fits and break the plug very easily.Then you discover the plug is not like any other phone  plug and all chargers and fittings are very expensive.For this reason I could not recomend this phone..

Comment by david hoffman, 3 Apr 2008 9:30

this is good . But now many mobile phone selling company offers cheapest deals. this deals pay a more importance for poor or an average person. i also know a company who also offers mobile phones on cheap price with contracts deals. you can check it on his official site

Comment by Peter McMaster, 2 Jan 2008 10:18

I purchased a easy to use mobile phone before christmas and the customer support was outstanding, I received my phone in less than 24 hrs from ordering, they also seemed to be the cheapest.

Comment by paul_smart, 25 Dec 2007 13:40

Just to let you know that there are large print instructions - these are sent out by the RNIB for all EasyUse order. So i'm told.

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