Blood Pressure and Mosquitoes 

Medical devices to help both, the first something most will encounter on a visit to their doctor a blood pressure monitor. The second something most will get in a hot summer a mosquito bite and they normally itch a lot.

omron m2 blood pressure monitor

Omron M2

Earlier this year I had been feeling unwell for a few days, I was due routine visit to the Asthma clinic, the nurse remarked that I looked very unwell – although my Asthma was fine – and she insisted I see a doctor. The doctor examined me consulted with a senior colleague and although both had no idea what was wrong insisted I went to hospital as I had extremely low blood pressure. The A&E doctor also was puzzled - although by then I could not bear any light – and admitted me; he said I was two hours away from going blind. It transpired I had a blood infection and while treating this with huge amounts of anti biotic and steroids I devolved a high pulse rate so I do know a bit about blood pressure monitors and now use one regularly.

This unit is almost triangular in shape, 10cm along the base, 8cm tall at the back 3cm tall at the front and 10.5cm wide.

It could not be simpler to use just place the supplied 4x‘AAA’ in the base and attach the lead (60cm) from the cuff into the side of the unit and you are ready to go. There are only two buttons towards the base of the front of the unit on/blood pressure/off from a button marked O/I and a second smaller button marked M that stores the results in memory.

There is a small Instruction Manual that has the first 36 pages in English for any questions that you may have.

However it works in the same way as most doctors surgery’s units do today, roll up your sleeve so that the cuff can be attached above the elbow line up as illustrated and just press the button twice the first turns the unit on the second takes the reading.

The display window on the ‘M2’ is 5x3.5cm and shows three lines of information once the reading has been taken the top line marked ‘Sys’ the second line ‘Dia’ and the third line ‘Pulse’. So if you are textbook normal the Sys will be 120 and the Dia 80, pulse varies a lot but maybe something like 65 or 70 would be the desired number.

Recently some research has proved that reading taken at the Doctors Surgery may not be that representative as people tend to stress about visiting their doctor so home readings may be a far better guide to knowing if there is a problem.

Available from the link below for £44.70


This is a tiny device designed for relief from mosquito bites but it can also provide relief from a number of other insect bits.

It is in the shape of a lower case ‘r’ at 4x4x2cm. The secret is static electricity which you develop by pressing the button on top of unit several times. You feel as though someone has pinched you, sounds simple it is.

Mosquito bites work by each time you scratch the itch more histamine is released making it even worse and then you scratch more.

It is possible that Zap It! Can even be used through light clothing so Zap It and do not scratch it to beat that bite. for more details, it is available for £4.95 from a range of supermarkets details on the link.

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Comment by Terfyn, 20 June 2011 10:05

I found the Manual. My monitor,bought from Boots, is an Omron HEM-713C.

Comment by Terfyn, 20 June 2011 10:02

My Boots monitor is a few years old now.(It cost £74 in 1993 - how times have changed) It is, again, a monitor that is used on the arm (above the elbow) as compared to the units that fit round the wrist. The cuff is located with the tube in line with the brachial artery. (technical term there!!!) Again it relies on peaceful surroundings to work properly. It displays Systolic and Diastolic pressures and pulse rate.

Some years ago, I was fitted, by the hospital, with a 24 hour BP monitor. This thing went off at regular intervals throughout the day. I happened to be lifting a new TV into my car when it went off - it went bezerk!! Because it could not get a reading, it kept on pressurising and I nearly dropped the TV, my arm went numb. The results were considered fairly useless by the experts and I was sent home in disgrace.

Comment by paul_smart, 20 June 2011 8:02

Good points Terfyn, my readings with this and another device yet to be published were checked at my surgery.

While my blood pressere is in the normal range my heart rate is not and they are useful for this as well.

Why not tell us about your Boots Monitor.

Comment by Terfyn, 19 June 2011 22:43

I have lived with high blood pressure for 40 years, so I am familiar with the home kits. (I have a Boots monitor) The problem is the way these monitors react to the two points where the measurements are taken.
To give an example. During a recent visit to hospital, my Systolic on my right arm was 151 yet the same reading on my left arm was 130. This was with a calibrated hospital monitor.
So first I suggest that anyone buying a monitor like this gets a check reading with their practice nurse using the traditional method.
And second, as many of these monitors use a pressure sensing device like a microphone to "listen" for the changes in blood flow, the unit should only be used in quiet and peaceful surroundings.
It should also be remembered that these units are built to a price and the accuracy of such home kits may not be so good. If the hospital units can give varying responses so can the home units.
Having said all that, blood pressure monitors can have a useful role to play.

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