Custom Micro-Hydro Systems that are affordable?? 

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RockyHydro has devised a system that easily allows a user to choose from over 400 different custom micro-hydro systems to allow the customer to generate electricity from their own water source.

[image - ]Originating in the Rocky Mountains, RockyHydro specializes in providing custom hydroelectric systems for homes, remote cabins, and even villages.  They match your site specifics (gallons per minute and elevation drop) to the perfect turgo turbine and generator to provide some of the most efficient micro-hydro systems available, which are also the most economical!  

   RockyHydro has tiny systems, big systems, low head systems, high head systems, and everything in between.  They offer over 400 different customized systems, and any additional electrical components you may need such as inverters, charge controllers, and rectifiers.   System prices range from $345.75 to $9828.00.

   They only use quality and highly efficient components- 

  • All systems use a 3 Phase Brushless DC Generator designed for long life and reliability.  Many electric motors incorporate brushes which cause sparks and eventually burn out; but our brushless motors do not have this issue.  The 3 phase design is also highly efficient for power generating applications. 
  • The turgo wheel is used as the turbine because the highly efficient design isn't simply a paddle that the water hits; the curve of each spoon actually causes the water to do a 180 degree turn.  This dramatically increases the impact of the water on the wheel; the extra force that is causing the water do make a turn makes the wheel spin even faster.  The spoons are either cast stainless steel or injection-molded hard plastic; and are extremely durable.  For their size, turgos are preferred over peltons and they also do a better job of directing the water away from the generator.
  • Finished low-head systems use a propeller design which is even more efficient than the turgo when the elevation drop is less than 10 feet.  No matter what the circumstance, Rocky Hydro pulls thru with affordable and efficient systems.

RockyHydro offers a free micro-hydro calculator that calculates the size of pipe you'll need to carry your water down hill to the generator (in high head systems).  The calculator also takes your site specifics to select the perfect system of the 400+ available, insuring you the most efficient turgo and generator combination available.  Turgos work best when they spin at 48% of the velocity of the water jet; this is the "target RPM."  The generator needs to create your stream's energy potential at that RPM.  For every site there is unique turgo and generator combination that will work most efficiently.  There is no "one size fits all" in micro-hydro.  Only RockyHydro can provide the most efficient system for YOUR site at a price that you can easily afford.  If you want to skip the calculating, they have Survivor Models available to get a jump start on your project!


   Most of their systems (especially the smaller ones) consist of the customer purchasing the turgo turbine and a generator.  The customer will build a box with a hold drilled thru it and place the generator on top, with the shaft going through the hole to the inside of the box.  The turgo will attach directly onto the shaft inside the box.  The box can be as simple as plywood with a coating of epoxy to keep it protected.  Some customers have made aluminum boxes or even plastic or fiberglass boxes.  See their Getting Started page to learn more, or view their HYDRO KIT INFO PACKET PDF.

 They also provide Finished Systems where the unit is completely assembled.  This are obviously more expensive, but may be preferred by some customers.  In some high-power situations, the finished system is required.

   If you are new to Micro-Hydro, please their Basics page, or click HERE to learn more and get started with RockyHydro!

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Comment by Terfyn, Jan 24, 2011 14:39

Do I have a stream - Yes
Do I live at the bottom of a mountain - NO
Do I have an open aspect - Yes - Wind Turbine.
Do I get some sunlight and plenty of daylight - Yes - PV Solar Cells.

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