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Having recently told you about a JML Halogen Cooker this is rather different. Most people will know of a Microware and those – like me – or a certain age know about a Slow Cooker but what does this 8 in 1 have to offer.

Go Chef 8 in 1 Multi Cooker
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Glass, Ceramic and Non Stick all words in today’s vocabulary how to they fit into the GoChef.

The GoChef can be used to Boil, Slow Cook, Fry that is Flash Frying Shallow Frying and Pan Frying, Sautéing, Steaming, Roasting, Fondue, Reheat and Defrost.

Unlike a Microwave you can use metal utensils and two racks and a frying basket are supplied.

The twelve page Instruction and User Guide has five pages of description and useful hints. There is also a full colour thirty six page receipt guide that should get you started and allow you to learn and then modify recipes designed for other forms of cooking.

These days with space being at a premium one way some utilize space to the best is to cut out most of the kitchen so no oven or cooker and perhaps just a microwave and sink. This is fine for a couple of working age who eat out most of the time and then perhaps just reheat last night’s curry so maybe – if they have one – the fridge may have milk and beer or wine and that’s all.

However what happens when a baby appears or circumstances change you cannot suddenly invent a cooker so something like GoChef that just needs a 13amp plug could be the answer.

It is more or less square at 32x32cm and 19cm tall. I say more or less as the edges are somewhat less than the dimensions given.

Could you cook a roast dinner for four in it probably not. Could you create a range of items for two yes indeed. In fact most of the recipes in the guide are for two.  

There are two control knobs on the side of the unit one for temperature and the other for time.

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There are thirty receipts in the book. It would have been nice to see some illustrations of the completed dishes.

They are divided into sections which more or less conform to the times of day, starting with Porridge and Scrambled Eggs with Spinach which are called Morning Treats, moving through Light Bites, Quick & Easy, Classic Mains, Sides, Fondue and ending with Sweets.

Under the Classic Mains heading there are two Chicken offerings, three Beef dishes, two pork examples, one Fish and one Lamb and for those who prefer veggie choices an option there. The methods shown should allow you to get the idea to cook most things changing the style, time and temperature. It also documents the use of the racks.

I tried several things from basic Chips to several of the Sweets – my weakness – and all worked well.

I suspect the market will be for those with limited space and it proves you can cook a meal but given the market I think having examples of the finished dishes illustrated would be more likely to temp the novice to experiment.

The Go Chef 8 in 1 Cooker is available from the link below for £76.98 and find something else on their site to bump your order up to £99.01 and get free delivery.

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Comment by JIMBO, Nov 25, 2015 11:28

A question - looking on the web (Amazon and Co) there appear to be 9 different prices for this cooker ranging from £39 to £80ish is there actually any difference (structurally, electrically etc) in the cookers or is there just one type with a lot of weird pricing?

Comment by caroljolly59, June 20, 2015 14:06

Up until now I have been really please with my Go Chef however, I made rice pudding in it recently and now whenever I use it my food sticks exactly where the heating element is underneath and when washed this same area turns kind of whitish as if food stuck. I don't want to scrub it too hard in case I damage the surface. Any suggestions on what I can do to clean it thoroughly & safely would be much appreciated.

Comment by tony wall, Apr 19, 2015 15:29

I cook a lot in our house and was brought a Go Chef due to seeing one on the telly. Basically, its rubbish. Tried VERY patiently to cook various dishes and some turned out ok, others terrible. The main thing i've noticed is the constant smoke in the kitchen off it even after lots of uses. When roasting a small joint, even with foil around it, the odd drip of fat or oil drips onto the bottom of the hot plate between the griddle and that is enough to set the smoke alarms off in the house even on moderate temperatures. Not a blooming patch on my Halogen oven. 2 out of 10 for the Go Chef. 10 out of 10 for the Halogen.

Comment by laraine hewitt, Apr 15, 2015 18:53

I have read the the non stick bubbles and came off
they only used a sponge when cleaning it or the roasting
is not very good either is this a fault with the go chef
the instruction are not very clear to understand.


Comment by Felicity, Mar 28, 2015 15:45

Having used the Go Chef once, it was decided to try it out a second time, with a casserole recipe.
After the initial browning of the meat and onions, carrot and potato pieces were added. after 5 minutes a fairly thick stock was also added to the pan.
After a short while, a minute or so a 'clicking' sound was noticed and this continued incessantly. Eventually we switched the Go Chef off, as we were not sure as to whether this was normal, or whether it was a problem. Has anybody else experienced the same 'problem'? Many thanks, Felicity.

Comment by claire, Mar 22, 2015 21:02

Please can someone tell me if you can cook oven chips in the Go Chef. Thank you.

Comment by Susan walsh, Dec 27, 2014 3:46

Brilliant brilliant put leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes and veg went out for 2 hrs didn't think it would cook but he presto the results were very impressive the only downside is the recipe booklet I can't find any go chef recipe  

Comment by ken caldecott, Nov 14, 2014 0:54

Debenhams £62.95

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