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Unlike the Tefal Actifry that is almost totally for ‘potato type products’ this can work with a whole range of products including meats and fish, perhaps the only restriction is that they should be large enough not to fall through the grid.

Philips HD9220 20 Air Fryer
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The Philips HD9220/20 Air Fryer measures a maximum of 37cm from the handle at the front to the plug at the back; it is 26cm from side to side and 31cm tall.

All cooking is done in the basket that pulls out from the lower part of the front of the unit; it is a basket within a basket. The outer dimensions are 25x23x8cm while the inner basket is 19x19x5cm the substantial handle on the front does not get hot.

You will notice that I said cooking not frying as although most items are cooked in the basket any fat or oil is at the best minimal. In fact apart from when I was cooking fresh chips I never added any oil at all and then only a single teaspoon.

When cooking meat or sausages I removed far more oil from the base of the unit (once cooled a little) than I ever added. A delight was Yorkshire puddings which reheated – lovely and crisp – well after around 3mins.

Where the handle joins the unit is a twist timer (up to 30 minutes) and this also starts heating the unit as soon as it is turned. There are two LEDs to the right the top one denotes power is on and the lower one that heating to the set heat is in process as you would expect the lower one goes out when heat is reached. The temperature control knob (80 to 200 degrees C) is on the top front edge of the unit and that completes all the controls.

The back of the unit is where the hard wired 1metre mains lead exits and higher up the back is the heat/smoke vent.

If you remove the basket totally from the unit do not turn it upside down when removing food as any natural fat that has emerged from the food and is lying in the bottom of the unit will be emptied onto whatever you have cooked. However you can click a latch on the front edge to remove just the top part of the unit if this is required.

I found it easier certainly with meat and fish to remove the cooked food with tongs rather than tip out the contents, remember food should not require draining as it is not cooked in fat, so while it is called a fryer to me it is more of an oven.

Of course I cooked chips both frozen and fresh as well as things like croquets and no all with no oil, I then added a very small amount of oil (½ teaspoon) to fresh chips and these did crisp better than with no oil at all. Unlike a normal fryer or indeed the Acifry this only provides a micro coating and with a single shake of the basket half way through this gives a good result. However for reheating I found it excellent so left over roast potatoes on the day after a roast are superb with around six minutes lovely crisp skin and piping hot inside well refreshed.

I would never have thought of cooking meat in this sort of device, frozen chops cook wonderfully and even a fresh steak but in the case of the latter do dry it well to get that wonderful singed effect on the fat that normally only grilling gives.

Apart from the ten sides of the User Guide that are in English that explain the controls with a diagram and adequate text there is a rather nice glossy full colour 68 page receipt book. While I have cooked fish from frozen in the unit and also certain vegetables like mushrooms and peppers. I have not tried Ratatouille of for that matter Chocolate Brownies both are deemed possible but I do not have a suitable shaped dish to fit into the basket.

The Philips Air Fryer is available from the link below for £129.99 and free delivery, or you can buy from Comet stores.

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Comment by thelma, Oct 20, 2015 23:58

I have just purchased a philips airfryer HD9220/20 viva. Having read many reviews on cooking different things can anyone tell me if I can buy a solid bottom dish instead of the chip basket which is standard. The juices from such as sausages and chicken has to have a container to catch it and I don't like the idea of messing with tinfoil. If anyone can help me regarding this could they also tell me ever I can purchase one. Thank you in anticipation Thelma.

Comment by Terfyn, Nov 9, 2011 15:43

I can buy two Calor cylinders for the price of an Air fryer. These would last two years for all cooking on my gas cooker. Chips would equal 2% of my cooking.

Comment by Lainey, Nov 9, 2011 15:23

I would have thought you'd save money in the long run as you are heating a much smaller space

Comment by Terfyn, May 9, 2011 11:05

It does seem an awful lot of money for what is, after all, an oven which most users would normally have. I always cook my chips in the oven so there is no fat involved at all. Just a thought.

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