Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball 

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I am not a lover of evening presentations, probably because of the various medications I am on I cannot drink so I find the socialising a drag, let’s get down to the point of the event the presentation which was interesting and I got the chance to have a 1 to 1 with the scientist behind the event while the majority partied the evening away.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor with Flexball Technology
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If you are a man then the name of Gillette must probably have formed part of your morning routine. Having decided that the five (make that six) blades in their current cartridge could not be improved they went to work on the shaft that you hold so that the blades grip the many contours of your face to allow their blades to give you a closer and more comfortable shave.

Once the main presentation was over the masses returned to their drinking and I worked my way to a corner of the area to see some interesting slow motion footage taken in the Gillette labs in Reading UK.

The face was broken into areas with three difficult areas around and under the chin simply because this is the area where shape varies most.

For instance people come into the Gillette test area each day to shave and of course cameras scrutinise their every move.

One very fast captured video show a single hair and how it survives attack by blades and eventually succumbs to the latest Flexball technology that has a ball in the shaft of the unit to allow more side to side movement in a single stroke.

Your shave should be quicker because there is no need to repeat strokes as you would with other razors, the problem is that people who have been shaving for years have a routine and that is hard to break. During my initial tests I managed a clean shave in under a minute.

So if you have used the previous Fusion Proglide try it in the shaft that has Flexball built in to see if you can get a better, closer shave, quicker.

One question I asked was how long each cartridge will last and the answer I was given was an amazing 30 to 60 shaves but of course that varies according to beard type and the amount of times you go over the same areas. This part is still a work in progress. The only certain thing should be use it until it starts to pull then fit a replacement cartridge.

There are in fact two different units one weighing 7grams more that is the powered version that has a single alkaline battery and a slightly different shaft shape.

I am currently testing both models and in the fullness of time will report on both. My main job here is to try not to repeat shaving strokes unless they are required, years of going with the same routine have to be broken.

As regular readers will know I am a great fan of the weekend without a shave and this will of course mean a longer bristles to cut on Monday.

Earlier I mentioned six blades five are in line after the setup bar, the other is on the reverse side at the top to cut those areas like just below the nose where the five blades just can’t get to and I have admit I never previously knew that blade was there but it get used now.

The powered version is around £15 and the manual version around £12. On a recent visit to my local Superdrug store I saw they had a special offer on the razor with extra cartridges.

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