Lunch Box of Games 

Feeling peckish? Then maybe you would like a snack but not one that will interfere with any dietary issues. Recently I came across a number of games which could be described as Snack titles. Each one is priced at under a fiver – admittedly by just a penny – which could help with any budgetary restraints.

Lunch Box of Games

Feeling peckish?  Then maybe you would like a snack but not one that will interfere with any dietary issues.  Recently I came across a number of games which could be described as Snack titles.  Each one is priced at under a fiver – admittedly by just a penny – which could help with any budgetary restraints.

The first two games have Jewel in their title.  Jewel Fever is one of the many Tetris-like games that were popular a number of years ago.  For those who missed out on this addictive and challenging genre when it first appeared, the original Tetris game consisted of falling, coloured mini squares that were arranged into different shapes.  You could turn and direct these shapes towards the desired location at the base of a well-like area.  The idea was to complete rows of blocks which would then disappear and increase your score.  Substitute jewels for blocks and you have Jewel Fever. 

Jewel Shooter, as its title implies, involves jewels and a shooter which fires you’ve guessed it, jewels.  Your shooter is positioned at the bottom of the screen while a mass of different coloured jewels gradually descend towards you.  By aiming your shooter you need to create groups of three or more similarly coloured jewels which, of course, disappear and add to your score.  Different levels are available as you select from Child, Easy, Normal, Hard or Nightmare.

Ball Adventure is another Match-3 game as you fire difference coloured missiles into a snaking column of coloured balls.  With a choice of Easy, Normal or Hard, you can work your way through different levels as you attempt to destroy the snake before it reaches a safe hole.  If too many segments avoid destruction you loose.

Like Jewel Fever, Pentrix 3D is a Tetris clone.  You have options to play in standard, timed or custom mode.  The latter option lets you adjust various settings including the width of the playing area.  I did come across one annoying feature in this game when it allowed me to adjust the various resolution settings but then refused to reload with those settings.  As a result I had to delete and then re-install the game.

Dig Dog Out is a puzzle type game that casts you in the role of a dog trying to retrieve bones buried in a garden.  Showing a side-on view of the garden and the location of the bones, you need to guide your dog as it burrows underground to collect the bones.  Obstacles and pitfalls add complications to the task in this game made up of various password-protected levels.  This game combines basic Graphics, simplistic game play and hardly any user appeal.

Bubu Kong, hardly surprisingly, bears more than a passing resemblance to Donkey Kong.  Your task is to rescue Alyssa from the clutches of a gorilla.  You need to navigate through various platforms; climb up and down ladders and vines; jump over rolling barrels; use your hammer; and collect various bonuses.  The game is hardly likely to set your pulse racing or keep you coming back for more.

Dweebs3, Furbidden Planets is a puzzle based game that involves the Dweebs, creatures that need guidance is everything they do.  This guidance is in the form of arrows which lead them in the appropriate direction to reach the required destination.  The arrows are positioned with the left mouse button while the right button rotates their direction.  This is the type of game that I found particularly frustrating but others may enjoy its simplicity.

Putting your gardening skills to the test is the aim of Caroline’s Garden.  Let loose in a virtual world, or maybe village would be a more apt description, you can visit locations such as a house, bar, hospital, shop and, of course, gardens.  You will need to balance tasks that include collecting flowers to earn money, gather bugs, water areas and make sure you do not overtire yourself by taking rests.  Games can be saved and continued at your leisure.

Finally we come to Ethno Stones of RAR which is of the Match-3 variety.  Played out on grids made up of coloured embellished tiles, you need to create groups of 3 or more tiles of the same colour and embellishment.  As you work through the various levels within a time limit, so the number of matches required to complete each level increases.  Only the groups you initially create count towards your total as any that are formed by falling tiles after the original match are disregarded.  If you have trouble finding a match then you can select the sort option to change all the tiles.  Of all the games in this round up, this is the one that I could be tempted back to play.

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