Funai Three in One HDR-B2735 

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A new name to me and probably to you but Funai products are often sold under various other names, now as 2006 draws to a close they are marketing under their own name.
 Funai HDR-B2735 video cassette, DVD and HDD recorder

The Funai HDR-B2735 is a video recorder, a DVD recorder and a hard disc recorder all in one unit. It is somewhat larger than other such units - not all of which also have video - at 43x37x10cm.

I suspect the main use - for most people - for the video recorder part will be to dub to DVD or hard disc. It is probably easier to dub to hard disc but I managed to do it both ways without problem. The easiest of all is to record to hard disc and then if anything is really good you could dub this dare I say - minus the adverts - to DVD to watch again and again.

There is a forty nine key remote control and once the unit is plugged in everything can be controlled from the remote apart from inserting/removing videos and DVD's. The front of the unit has a total of 17 buttons but all there controls are duplicated on the remote. The unit has a blue, a green and an orange light to tell you which mode you are in and these are repeated on the remote control to allow easy swapping between VCR, DVD and HDD.

Setting a timer program is very easy - one touch on the remote - brings an easy to follow screen where single or multiple programs can be set, it also has a countdown figure in the corner to tell you how much space you have and this of course changes according to which of the various modes you are in.

This has a sixty eight hour - in SP mode - hard disc the actual hard disc size is 160GB

In the centre of the face of the unit is a 9x3 LCD display, when switched off this displays a very readable clock along with a red marker if any timed events are set. When recording it displays an six digit counter that in theory could allow a 99hour 59minute and 59second recording. I found that any 1hour recording lasted for 1hour and 2seconds and that is surely preferable to another recently reviewed unit that gave you a 59minute minute recording when you set it for an hour.

This unit can record from an external Freeview, Cable or Skybox but it is essentially an analogue unit. When doing the initial setup if finds the normal analogue channels but unlike some other products it leaves you to manually move them into the normal BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV etc order. Should the power lead be disconnected that information is safe, however the clock info is not and this needs to be reset. In fact I was somewhat surprised that it needed to be set at all as other such products take the time from that broadcast by the TV companies. It has a four sided setup guide that should get most started and a 90 page manual for those difficult queries.

When a timed programme is five minutes from due it will turn the unit on and this also tunes to the AV channel - a slight annoyance - but you can quickly switch back to what you were watching. At the end of the recording it displays another message on the screen do you wish to turn the unit off - more of a pain - but this does disappear after a minute when it turns itself off.

Several modes to increase the recording time are available, the normal SP or LP with video, DVD and HDD have a total of six modes so a DVD that would store around four hours on 'LP' could store anywhere between one hour and ten hours. The stated figures for the HDD range from 34 to 340. I found the SP 68 hours as good as a professional DVD.  

Searching the Internet shows Amazon selling the Funai HDR-B2735 for £159.99 :

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Comment by Dave, Apr 18, 2012 13:46

Well I can only add the dvd laser is not up to the job and had 3 replacements and now its failed again!! If any one knows of the toshiba replacement dvd deck number and where to buy one then post here please overall the b2735d is good machine and easy to use its just the laser that let's it down big time. Thanks

Comment by Marc, Mar 3, 2012 16:48

Im getting the same problems, has worked for a year, and now the dvd recording light just flashes everytime I try and record something, and the letter W flashes on standby... HELP!!

Comment by solidsnoop29, Nov 26, 2011 19:57

it's almost a year now, and there are still peopl ehaving problems with this. It's just not good enough this unit.
I can't do any dubbing!

If I put a perfectly clean blank DVD-R or DVD-RW there would always be a 'recording error' message... it's not good enough.

Funai need to sort their products out!

Comment by stratabacca, June 21, 2011 14:26

I have the HDR-B2735 unit and it has worked faultlessly for the last 5 years.
Not today though,I have the same trouble as a lot of posters,won`t record to disk from hdd/video.I am going to try the cleaning method as posted.I will report back with the results when done.

Comment by Julie, Jan 22, 2011 22:45

If you email funai uk they will send you a download to print off the manual which is how I got mine, its a lot of pages though

Comment by ailsa, Jan 22, 2011 14:55

Could someone please forward me a copy of the manual (in English) or does anyone know how i could get a hold of one?

I'm wanting to put things on to DVDs but I am unsure of how to do this.

Thank you :)

Comment by margaret, Dec 18, 2010 11:19

Does the Funai HDR-B2735 take + or - dvd r/rw disc's does any one know?

thank you, margaret

Comment by Mick, June 2, 2010 20:00

Put in VHS tape. Press PLAY. Plays for 15 seconds. Stops. Switches off.
Dispays flashing "W".  In the manual there is mention of conflict with OTR or timer and is found switches off after 15 seconds. But I have no OTR or Timer set. Again as previous Any Ideas.

Comment by solidsnoop29, May 20, 2010 13:01

Having similar problem. Brought this 2 years ago, and the nit is giving me a hard time. I can't dubb HDD to DVD. It gives me an error saying 'no dubbing now' or something of that sort. I can't record! Help!

Comment by gfc1963, Apr 5, 2010 15:40

I bought my unit in December 2006 and found it terrific!!  I mainly use the HDD to record off the TV (at least I don't have to watch all those bloody breaks!!).  I want to dub all my videos onto to DVD and get rid of the videos.  One problem - when I put in a video it does not play at all.   It seems to think about it and then switch off all by itself! There is also a flashing 'w' in the LCD disply bit at the front - any ideas folks??  I've also had problems with dubbing onto to DVD's as per other people on here.  I'm using Phillips DVDs - I might have to use the recommended ones and see how that goes.  Although, again going by other people on here - that won't help much!!

Comment by Jimmy Boco, Feb 21, 2010 22:57

Does anyone know if I can connect the HD-B2735 directly to my tv that has freeview built in to receive the freeview channels? Or does it only work with an external freeview box connected through scart?

Would prefer if I could link freeview from my tv to hd-b2735 if possible. Can't see how this would work other than an external freeview box.

Please help!

Thanks, Jimmy.

Comment by davec4, Feb 14, 2010 18:02

I have just come across a problem with my funai hdr b2735 in that when i try to play recorded programes on the hdd i get error code 02-54.
can anyone advise please.

Comment by Miti, Jan 12, 2010 21:41

This Funai HDR suffers from some questionable design characteristics.  The biggest problem is that the cooling air-flow for the PSU draws air, dust, pigeons, etc, in through the fan at the rear, passes it through the PSU (under the HDD) and then straight into the DVD deck... The only route for this dust, etc, to exit is at the side of the DVD deck (you'll see the ventilation slots at the RHS of the unit, to the right of the DVD.)

So, dust in the DVD deck is a given with this unit.  Here's how to clean it out (DVD cleaner discs DO NOT WORK, btw...)

With the unit unplugged from the mains supply and on a clear work area:

Please Note:  This method involves the use of a domestic vacuum cleaner, which may impart static damage to the electrostatic sensitive devices in the HDR.  But, if it's not working anyway, what have you got to lose..?

At the rear of the unit, remove the 4 Phillips screws retaining the top cover to the rear panel.

At the side of the unit, in the small depressions on each side, remove the two Phillips screws retaining the top cover to the chassis sides.

Lift the top cover from the rear.  It will "hinge" at the joint with the front panel and can be removed.

Use a vacuum with brush attachment to suck the dust out of the fan at the rear and from the interior of the case (include the removed top panel).

There is a square PCB on top of the DVD deck.  This must be displaced to gain access to the deck.  First; disconnect the ribbon cables at the rear (to the HDD) and to the RHS (to the DVD mech). Note: The brown ribbon cable connectors simply pull straight out, the black ones have a retaining clip that lifts up.

Remove the 4 Phillips screws securing the PCB to the top of the DVD deck. Note which 2 have the metal "earthing" plates. They need to be fitted in the same place on reassembly.

Lift the PCB across to the left and rest it, upside-down, on top of the VCR deck assy.

Vacuum the dust from the top of the DVD Deck and surrounding area.

The DVD head assy is protected by a large, flat plastic cover (the part with the "Class M2 Laser product" label).  Remove the two Phillips screws from this cover and lift the cover away.

Now you can see the DVD head.  The gold/bronze assembly holds the blue/glass lens.  Gently vacuum any dust away (from a distance, don't touch the lens with the vacuum nozzle/brush, you'll scratch it).

Take a clean cotton bud and soak one end in Isopropyl Alcohol (DVD/CD cleaner fluid is fine).  Gently swab the lens. (I simply rotate the swab twixt finger & thumb, moving it across the lens from one side to the other.

That's it...

Vacuum dust off the DVD head cover, wipe with a clean cloth and replace (2 screws)

Replace the PCB (secure with 2 screws without earthing plates) Then refit the ribbon cables (ensure they're inserted straight and as far in as possible) Then refit the last 2 screws, with the earthing plates under their heads.

Hold the top cover vertical along the edge of the front panel.  "Rotate" it to a horizontal position, ensuring that the stepped edge remains located with the front panel moulding.  Insert the 4 rear panel screws first, then the two side panel screws.

Before you put the HDR back onto it's shelf.  Use the vacuum to remove any/all dust from the shelf/unit/area that it lives in... If you don't, you'll be doing this again, all too soon..!!

Reconnect the HDR to the TV, etc, and reconnect the power.  Fingers crossed...

Hope that helps...



Comment by marion, Dec 12, 2009 17:21


Comment by C.Reed, Sep 24, 2009 16:54

Does anyone have a Uk support number for Funai??

Comment by ManselH, Sep 14, 2009 16:39

I have used this machine for over a year, making DVDs quite successfully from VHS tapes and broadcast programmes dubbed from the HDD.My problem now is that space on the HDD is limited; themanual tells me to delete programmes from the "Original" list to create more space. This is not working. It may be a software problem. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Comment by crab101, Mar 13, 2009 14:54

Just had the dvd recorder playing up. Went through 20+ verbatim and tdk disks. Was just about to bin these when I thought about checking online, if this was a common problem. It is. Having read the previous comments I've just used a cd cleaner and after 2 mins of play, it seems to have cleaned the lense.
The dvd recorder is now working ok!!!

Comment by djs_sunshine, Dec 3, 2008 20:24

Well...unit number 5 stopped working, just the same as the previous 4 did so back to Argos we went who point blank refused to replace it and refunded my money.  Looks like they don't stock it any more anyway, they have an upgraded version at £229.99.  Needless to say I didn't buy one.  I got the Toshiba RDXV48DT instead and have to say it is heaps better.  It's list price was £249.99 but currently £20 off in Argos and I got a £10 gift card so only paid a bit more for it than the original Funai. It's kinda the same size as the Funai and has VCR, DVD and 160GB Hard Drive.  Only used it a few times and it's so much easier to programme, sort of like Sky+ where you choose the programme from the guide listings (except for satellite channels which you have to do manually) and it has series link too.  

Comment by andrew humphrey, Dec 3, 2008 12:38

Cant really say anything different from anything that hasnt already been said in this forum. Although I wont be asking for a refund .....Instead Im going to send it to a recycling centre where it can actually serve a purpose!

Comment by Chrismas, Nov 17, 2008 18:18

Well folks, similar problems with Funai HDR-B2735, working fine for about 8 months then refusing to write to DVD despite using same discs as previously (bargain priced 100 pack Verbatim 16X DVD-R).  Tried multiple use of cleaning disc but still, after apparently trying to record for about 35 seconds, displayed "Recording Error 03-51".

This is what worked for me:
(personal disclaimer and warning about disconnecting from mains supply if anyone decides to try same remedy!!!)
Removed top cover, removed front panel (easier than expected but turned out to be unnecessary!).  Removed 4 retaining screws (2 with spring clips) from circuit board positioned on top of DVD drive.  Carefully removed ribbon cables from connectors on L and R sides of circuit board, enabling board to be tilted back to give access to DVD laser lens.  Cleaned lens directly with suitable cleaning fluid that would not leave any residue(in my case an alcohol swab), and, similarly, cleaned the exposed connecting ends of the ribbon cables.  Ribbon cables carefully re-inserted into connectors on circuit board.  Replaced circuit board retaining screws and replaced unit cover(s).
Since then (2 months and many DVDs) has worked perfectly.

Conclusion:- either necessary to give lens a more thorough clean than is possible just with cleaning discs, or, as another contributor seems to have done this without success, might just be that cleaning the ribbon cable ends cured a faulty connection?  Anyway, the whole process was extremely easy and successful in my case!!!        

Comment by advid, Sep 16, 2008 12:56

....just to bring people up to date with my 'dilemma' over this machine..
I DID send it back and got a full refund - however - I decided to give Funai another chance and purchased the 'big brother' version of this model - the Funai T3B. It's got a black facia but frontal button layout ect. is almost identical to the B2735 but it's got a 250g HD. I've had it for about 3 months and it's worked 100% - DVD and DVR-W (using Datawrite Yellows) has been faultless - not a single bad disc and I must have burned about 30 or more in that time.... SO - sorry for those of you that still have problems. It seems to be  that the B2735 must have a lower quality laser fitted to cause all these burn/non-burn/fault problems.

>>>>...after less than a week my Funai 2735 has started refusing to burn DataWrite DVD-R's. I've used these DVD's on all my previous PC's and other TV/DVD recorders for a very long time all with 99.9% success. The Funai is rejecting about 50% of these very same DVD's....
I've just order a batch of Maxell DVD-R's  (as recommended in the Funai user manual)... if these 'throw wobblys' then I'm asking for my money back.....


Comment by norm, Sep 16, 2008 9:20

These Funai machines are a disaster area. How I wish I'd seen the commets before purchasing. My machine now switches itself off after about 20secs regardless of the task in hand. I occasionally get an error message 'System Error 02/56.'  

Anyone know the solution to overcoming this?

Funai are not interested referring me to the seller and the internet seller from whom I bought the machine, '', has not responded to e-mail tickets, phone calls or even a registered letter.

Comment by Matthew Hunter, Sep 9, 2008 20:47

I am having exactly the same problem, when I try to Dub from the hard disk to a dvd it flash's a few time then it just doesn't start to record, I've tried R- and R+ discs but to no joy, does any one know if a certain brand works?? Surely Funai Has to do a product recall for this unit if so many people are having the same problemsMatthew

Comment by djs_sunshine, Jul 20, 2008 0:07

Hey ho here we go again.  Unit No 4 has now packed in and won't dub to DVD.  Back to Argos we go.  When are Funai going to figure out this unit is shite and remove the damn thing from sale?

Comment by GG, Jul 19, 2008 22:05

Update: I now have two of the Toshiba version (XV47) same basic machine but also does +R/RW discs. The writer in these must be better than the Funai -R only units. Never had a disc problem in hundreds of discs. We use Maxell or Verbatim DVD-R. Mine have developed a serious recording fault. The brightness level fluctuates - it's like an AGC circuit gone wrong. Toshiba have had multiple tries (or non-tries) at fixing them and now say it's copy protection and the machines aren't designed to do what I want..... i.e. record stuff from the telly (any channel) or archive old family videos from various sources incl. the built in VHS deck. Well forgive me but copy protection in ALL DVD Recorders INCLUDING THESE UNITS is announced by an on screen WARNING and failure to record. Toshiba have took so long NOT repairing the units that the warranty is up on one of them. I'm waiting for them to respond to my last letter......unless they change their mind I can only say AVOID AVOID AVOID - BTW I bought a Sony 80GB HDD/DVD recorder for 80.00 in COMET's bargain shelf - no book but what a machine - slow in operation and quirky BUT it works perfectly!

Comment by sydthepost, June 7, 2008 15:04

bought a funai recorder off the internet for £130 thinking what a bargain to get a 3 way recording unit...wrong.
I like the hard disk unit but like so many others, I can't burn my recorded material onto dvd. I've tried three different types all to no avail, and I am as yet unable to record from freeview. I thought the handbook was over complicated as after about ten pages the eyeballs start rolling skyward and boredom and frustration set in big time. It's an attractive looking unit but it will not fit into my cabinet as did my old video recorder(which had no problem recording off freeview). Dear funai, please sort your act out.

Comment by advid, May 5, 2008 19:08

...after less than a week my Funai 2735 has started refusing to burn DataWrite DVD-R's. I've used these DVD's on all my previous PC's and other TV/DVD recorders for a very long time all with 99.9% success. The Funai is rejecting about 50% of these very same DVD's....
I've just order a batch of Maxell DVD-R's  (as recommended in the Funai user manual)... if these 'throw wobblys' then I'm asking for my money back.....

Comment by Mr R Meachem, Apr 13, 2008 9:59

I purchased a Fundai hdr-b2735 last tuesday and found it absolutely brilliant
I purchased it as a grade A which means refurbished from Bigpockets Everything works perfectly The blank discs I use are Ritek dvd-r.The best way to learn how to use it is to perfect 1 section at a time.I am seriously thinking of purchasing another one thats how good I rate them hopoe this helps regards Ron

Comment by les betts, Apr 6, 2008 12:55

Thank god it wasn't just me,i thought i was being thick or'll play items recorded on harddrive but,despite deleting half of stored items,it still shows harddrive as full and wont record further.plays dvd but will not record.Vhs buggered up first (new sony) tape that went in and hasn't worked since.Well done Funai,next time try spending more than 75p on testing & quality control.

Comment by Andrew Tipple, Mar 24, 2008 21:52

Wish I'd found these comments before I bought one of these units. All I could find were positive write ups (on the suppliers own websites mostly!). Records to HDD is fine - although the resolution isn't as good as it could be, BUT it's won't play OR record to any type of DVD - I've tried DVD-R & -RW's (3 different makes). I've even tried "+" disks AND RAM's but naff-all works!
Equally, dubbing from one mode to another is very random, sometimes works sometimes doesn't, the only reliable way is to play out to another DVD recorder via the external-AV source inputs on the front of a second machine - and then the picture quality is kak. DON'T BUY ONE. I'm trying to get a refund on the one I have - seemed like a good idea at the time.

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