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Is the use of a computer mouse causing pain, then the following might help.

Evoluent VerticalMouse D
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ARSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is used to describe an infection that can occur due to the continuous use of a regular action,  Due to the repetitive nature of its various actions, RSI can often make an appearance through working with a computer and certain of its accessories such as the ubiquitous mouse controlling the activities of the desktop cursor.

While not the sole culprit, the computer mouse is often regarded as a leading contender when allocating blame for the various aches and pains that can affect those spending time on a personal computer.  Although the functionality of the computer mouse has increased and changed over the years, the overall basic shape has remained fairly standard as it fits comfortably when used in either the left or right handed user.  Some would consider the shape of the traditional mouse to be a factor in the cause of computer RSI.  One company that presumably thinks this way is BakkerEikhuizen.

For those not too familiar with BakkerEikhuizen, I should explain that this is a company specialising in the design of high-end ergonomic hard and software solutions that can contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of the computer user.  In particular, this approach has resulted in the development of the Evoluent D  product which is categorised as a vertical mouse rather than the more traditional low-slung level version.

Whereas the traditional mouse, like its real-life version, tends to adopt a close-to-the-surface positioning, the vertical variety has an upright stance, to accommodate its 105 x 80 x 90 mm dimensions.  While the traditional mouse will require the user's wrist to be fully twisted through general use, the vertical offering ensures that the wrist is held in a more natural position such as that used with a hand-shake grip orientation.

Evoluent VerticalMouse D in use
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The vertical Evoluent D mouse, under review, is a tethered rodent with a permanently attached 200 cm lead which should be ample for most situations. With its circular base, this vertical Evoluent D mouse has various buttons on each side of the raised body of the unit.  Gripped right-handed, as is my usual practice, there was a depressed area on the left side in which to rest the thumb with easy access to top and bottom buttons.  The right side of the Evoluent D mouse has a three button and wheel arrangement plus a small additional button. Included with the latest technology built into this vertical mouse is a fast laser that reacts faster with greater accuracy than earlier models.

While the mouse arrives with default actions set up for the various buttons and wheel, you can download an Evoluent Mouse Manager from to make adjustments to the different tasks are undertaken by each button.  The installation of this mouse management utility will require the presence of the mouse attached to the computer and a system restart in order to be efficient. The mouse manager functionality has been increased.  You can program practically every button to work as you want while adjusting eye comfort plus adjust screen brightness plus speed up scrolling activity.

If you have built up a tolerance for working with a traditional mouse and its range of controls, you could find that the transition to the vertical Evoluent D model might take some time  I found that the change to the new grip style was more easily handled. I struggled more adapting to the new positioning of the various buttons and the actions they implemented  When in use the speed of operation delivered by the Evoluent D mouse was definitely quicker.  If I needed to carry out a task then the temptation  to return to a traditional mouse operation was always present. Expect to pay in the region of £79 for the Evoluent D mouse

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