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An expression you do not hear often today, but the quality photography within them makes them such items, however they also contain the means for you to improve your image capturing and with practice your photos can be almost as good.

the travel photographer
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The Travelling Photographer

The photographer in question is Sandra Petrowitz and she has travelled over vast portions of the world, the images within the book will at least make you want to visit at least some of the places shown.

The book is 25x20cm and has 228 pages a good number of the images are full page without borders. There are 25 chapters and most are less than ten pages.

While you could just look at the images the advice given is sound and with chapter titles such as ‘Off Centre’, ‘A Matter Of Perspective’, ‘In The Best Light’, ‘There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather’ and ‘Steady Now’ you can probably tell what the advice within will be on and of course the images show just what can be achieved.

Photography is my hobby and I have enjoyed taking photographs for around sixty years, cameras have moved on greatly in that time and perhaps the biggest innovations are Image Stabilization and Face Recognition, here however the concentration is on how – with whatever equipment you may have – to get the best images a great photographer will get the best image possible with even a very basic camera but give him or her a good camera and as in this book you will be amazed.

Certain things like the compensation of the image can be taught and used by anyone. However a brilliant photographer can often see the image they want before looking through the viewfinder.

This book helps you see what can be achieved so even your holiday shots can be interesting.

The Traveling Photographer 978-1-937538-33-0 is available from the link below for £25.50 with free delivery.

Capture The Magic

This offering from Jack Dykinga is 25.5x25.5cm and a true square book. It has 192 pages but all the images have at least two borders.

This book has great images and goes into detail about how important the detail of the images are. A lot of great images are shown and have the way to overcome difficulties shared.

A good photograph overcomes language but how can a novice or amateur photographer get the same image to convey the same story as the professional, as mentioned in the review above it is about seeing the image before you look through the viewfinder.

There are certain images in this book that I have to look at for a while to decide what is being shown, it is not because the image is unclear or out of focus it is just the complexity of colour in the image. I know I could never see that myself but it does not stop me wondering how it was formed.

There are 15 chapters in this offering and the advice is there for those who want to try to see what Jack sees.

This book is almost totally landscapes (I think two of the images had birds in) the rest is just nature as most of us would dream of capturing, a lot of the images took several visits to out of the way places to capture but to capture the image you have to first see it.

Capture The Magic 978-1-937538-35-4 is available from the link below for £20.14 with free delivery. If you follow the link below you can view some of the wonderful images.

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