Cordless Hoovering 

While not everybody’s favourite household task, a vacuum cleaner, especially a cordless one, can help.

Hoover UnPlugged UNP300R Turbo Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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Some company names have been known to take on an even greater significance through common usage.  Rather than just representing the company and/or its products, its name is used as the generic term for a particular concept.  One of the more recent and a prime example is that of Google with the name representing the company and that of a verb used to describe the act of searching for information.

This trend has been around for quite a while now as various company names are used to describe certain actions.  For example the act of gathering the dust and detritus found in our living accommodations has generally been referred to as “to hoover the home”.  So yet again a verb takes its origins from the name of the company which has designed a vast range of electronic cleaning devices such as the subject of this next review.

Now I have to admit that, while I have used a number of vacuum cleaners in the past when carrying out the task of hovering around my home, this is the first time that I have actual used a device bearing the Hoover brand name.  Forming part of the Hoover’s range of unplugged devices, I have been looking at the UNP300RS model which arrives as a three-piece unit predominately red in colour.

Once removed from the packaging, constructing the device from its various components was relatively straightforward.  The handle and head units slot into the centrally positioned body unit.  This is a simple operation while the only possible complication might be the lack of a screwdriver for tightening the retaining screw holding the handle on the body.  As this is a common implement, its omission should not cause too much of a problem.

As this is an “unplugged” device, the Nimh internal battery unit will need to be charged using the supplied power lead which connects to the rear of the vacuum cleaner.  The initial charging process should take approximately 16 hours with subsequent recharging taking considerable less time as you simple top up the battery after each use.  A full charge should give you around 60 minutes of power for hovering up what needs to be removed.

Stood in its upright stance, which does require careful positioning when not in use to stop it falling over, this unplugged vacuum cleaner has dimensions of 1210 x 155 x 240mm (H x W x D).  Being unplugged means you have complete freedom of movement, helped in no small measure by the flexibility of the unit’s design.  While the body, containing the dust containing compartment, and handle are rigid, the head unit connection is articulated.  The head can be twisted in either direction and positioned almost flat so that it can enter most nooks and crannies plus slide underneath furniture raised slight above the floor.

The cleaner’s handle features a three-way slider power switch.  When turning on this vacuum cleaner you have a choice of opting for floor or carpet cleaning with the head unit adjusting accordingly.  There is also a Turbo button which increases the suction power and also the noise level generated by this device.  The increase in the noise level with the Turbo button was enough to discourage me from using this mode for most circumstances if my cat happened to be around.

Featured on the front of the unit is an LED panel.  This provides feedback during charging and battery level during usage.  There are up to four bar, which when illuminated, will indicate you have a full battery.

The front mounted dust container does give a clear indication when it needs emptying when viewed from the front.  Removing, and later reattaching, this container is straightforward.  It is also generally easy to remove its content when carried out on a regular basis.  If you do let the content build up so it becomes packed then you might need to remove the filter at the top of the container to help release the accumulated dust and debris.

One feature of this unplugged vacuum cleaner that I am unable to describe is the Jovis.  This is a hand-held power tool for use on stairs and upholstery.  The Jovis will be provided free with unplugged units but was not included with my review unit.

With the 30V unit under review, this unplugged vacuum cleaner has the capability to duplicate the same power as provided by a 2200W corded device.  The unit under review has been priced at £249.99 and is available from various retailers.

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Comment by Noah, 25 June 2018 10:49

Some companies made best vacuum cleaner to make his client happy and more comfortable as like the are working on that to give 100% good information to the users.

Comment by Zayn Wilder, 19 June 2018 17:29

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