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First a handheld vacuum to get where the normal cleaner cannot like behind central heating pipes and into those congested corners. Second a very bright LED torch to see into those corners that always manage to hide the dirt from sight.

Vorwerk VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner
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Vorwerk VC100

This is a handheld cordless vacuum, unlike a lot of other units that often get consigned to cleaning out the car this has a place in any home or office.

It is 42cm long, at either end it is less than 2cm thick this increases to around 10cm for the central 20cm of the unit and it is 7.5cm in the same central area. The weight is 612grams.

It is equally useable by those like me who are left handed as the on/off button is on the top and can be controlled by either thumb.

The fingers wrap round the handle which is part of the one piece design. The unit is circular but with a flat area on the base meaning it can sit on any flat surface. The handle has a 2x1.5cm hole to enable you to hang it up when not in use.

Unlike a lot of small vacuums this is powerful and often dust and small items of grit do not even need the unit to contact them to be picked up.

Items collected remain in the front half of the unit and a simple push on the opening mechanism on the base removes the front half of the unit allowing you to tip any residue into a bin. There is a filter between the capture part at the front and the central area.

In front of the on/off button are six columns of four increasingly large pin holes and these light up in green when power is on, this matches the colour of the on/off button and a line around the centre of the unit. This area also displays other messages as explained in the manual. The rest of the unit is a cream colour with the exception of the underside which is dark grey.

In use it is not quiet and at one time I thought of pairing it with a set of earbuds but as you will see I decided on something else.

When there is nothing being drawn into the unit the tone changes as air is drawn though and out of a grill under the handle, when in contact with a carpet, floor or curtain – to name but three – the tone changes significantly.

Holding it at the end of the handle will enable a six foot tall person to reach up to around 8foot 6inches and this will mean that ceilings can be dealt with as dust and even the odd cobweb lurk there as well as floors and walls.

The only other items in the tube it is sold in are a 1.8metre DC charge unit – this fits into the underside of the handle just near the hanging hole – a small wall mountable matching colour base and a thick multi language manual with 26 pages in English.

The Vorwerk VC100 is available from the link below for £149 with free delivery.

LINDY 28 Super Bright LED Torch
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Lindy Super Bright LED Torch

This is a small and yet extremely bright LED torch which can light a dark corner from a good distance away so becomes the ideal companion when a bright light is needed especially when normal electric light is not available.

It is 13cm long, round and 3cm across for the first 10cm of the body and this expands to 4cm at the LED end. It has a total of 28 LEDs and these are extremely bright. At the back end is a wrist strap which means you can have both hands free in confined areas.

At the back is a screw thread and once twisted the central core is removable this is fitted with 3x‘AAA’ batteries that power the unit these are not supplied.

There is a single push on push again off rubberised button to turn it on or off.

Lindy provide this with a two year warranty and while it is still a torch anything with quality LEDs is a lot more robust than a filament bulb.

The Lindy Super Bright LED Torch is available from the link below for £8.99 with free delivery.

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