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Two satellites and a beefy sub woofer plus a corded remote to allow you to control the overall volume without leaving the comfort of your chair. It can be used to spice up your PC or connect to anything with a 3.5mm jack.

Edifier Prisma Colours 2 1 PC Laptop Speaker System
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These units are basically triangular; the sub woofer is 29cm from front to back, 24cm across at the front and 2cm across at the back and it is 22cm tall. All connections take place under a slight overhang so no protrusions.

The pair of satellite speakers are 10x12x23cm at the base and this reduces to 4x5cm at the top and includes the amount the lead juts out the back.

You can connect to anything with a 3.5mm lead, a PC is one candidate but you would need to have floor space for the sub woofer whose down firing speaker will gain even more resonance from a solid wooden floor.

The level of base available is probably more than most will want and is controlled from a wheel on the sub woofer.

Those of a not too recent vintage will remember serial ports with their nine pin connections and this is used to connect the corded remote to the sub woofer via a 1.75metre lead it ends in a matching triangular base 7x6x2.5cm for the oversize turn wheel to stand on. This is likely to only required if you connect to entertainment devices such as an audio system or an ‘i’ device to beef up the output from such a music device.

The satellites have 2.75inch two way mid range tweeters, the sub woofer has a 5inch down firing driver to accentuate the sound.

The already mentioned corded remote has more to offer apart from its rotary volume control as it also has both MP3 and headphone jacks as well as a red glow to remind you it is switched on and taking power in to it.

The top of the sub woofer has a touch control to take you from standby to on or in the other direction should you wish.

There is another 3.5mm jack in the back of the sub woofer ideal for connection to say a PC or other more permanent connection.

The satellites are 9watts while the sub woofer is 32watts. The overall unit weight in box is just a tad over 5kilos.

The satellites have a single lead to connect them to the sub woofer each single wire is 1.5metres with a 30cm length common to both extra to that so you should easily be able to get a three metre split between the satellites.

Most PC’s tend to have rather poor speakers as do notebooks. So a decent 2.1 system can really spice up the output.

Certainly when I connected this system to my PC I noticed a huge difference to the output and even tiny events had far more to them than the odd beep or squeak. Certainly music comes alive and if you are watching a video the sound is much improved. On an audio system that has decent speakers there is not a huge difference my systems speakers are handmade and over 50 years old and were state of the art when constructed, now a simple 2.1 system such as this sound almost the same but the bass with the sub woofer gives improvement. I ask anyone with an ‘i’ device or MP3 player to try something like this just to see the improvement in quality.

The Edifer Prisma is available from Amazon in silver for £72.95 in silver or around £85 in white.

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