TRULink Wireless USB to VGA 

Watching a DVD movie on your laptop may be fine for a single person but when more are involved you need a larger display. A new product from CablesToGo offers to help in this respect.

Cables To Go Trulink Wireless USB to VGA
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If at first you do not succeed then try, try and try again.  I took these words to heart as I set about installing the TRULink product from CablesToGo.  For those unfamiliar with the company, CablesToGo is involved in the development of connectivity products.  The TRULink device has been developed to allow the user to stream video from a computer to a remote monitor, projector or television set using Wireless USB (WUSB) Technology.

The two main components making up this kit are a 90 x 135 x 35mm (W x H x D) matt silver and black box that has a protruding rotatable antenna and a USB flash stick that is hinged partway along its 85mm length allowing it to be adjusted for maximum signal delivery.  The role of the TRULink box is to act as the VGA + Audio device module to receive the signal that is transmitted wirelessly from the flash stick.  Also included in this package are a desk mount stand, wall mount bracket, VGA cable, 3.5mm audio lead, power adapter with interchangeable 2 and 3-pin plugs, a User Manual and a CD.

Setting up this equipment did not get off to the best start.  I was forced to search out a magnifying glass in order to read the extremely small print detailing the required steps in various languages in the User Manual.  CablesToGo really need to consider that some users are going to struggle to read documentation using a font of this size.

The first step in the set-up procedure requires drivers to be installed.  These drivers are provided on the flash stick.  Deciding to follow my usual procedure of using my work system, the first attempt of installing the drivers caused an error regarding the WUSB driver to be reported.  Trying again was impossible as the system refused to recognise the flash stick.

Switching to a second system allowed further progress to be made in the procedure but still failed to complete the course as a VBScript Engine error was reported and this brought the set-up to a sudden end.  It was not until I followed the advice mentioned earlier and moved on to a third system (a laptop) that the drivers were successfully installed.  However the screen size on the laptop was shrunk by approximately one-sixths on each side.  Fortunately a reboot cured this problem and returned the screen display to its normal size.

With the drivers installed I could then move on to the next stage which involved pairing the TRULink box with the transmitting flash stick.  You need to ensure the two components are within three feet of each other before returning the supplied utility.  Once this procedure has been carried out then you can move on to attaching the TRULink box to an appropriate display device.  You are limited in this respect as the TRULink box only offers VGA and 3.5mm jack socket connectivity options.  HDMI support is sadly lacking and would have been appreciated.

Not helping when attaching the supplied VGA cable which was its rather miserly 22cm in length.  The positioning of the VGA socket on the television I was using as the remote display was such that I was just able to place the TRULink box flush against the side of the television.  I could have put the TRULink receiver behind the television but this would block line-of-sight.  Making the audio connection was less problematic as the supplied lead was a more generous 83cm in length.

I had to reboot the laptop three times before a solid connection was made so that video and audio could be delivered from my laptop to the television.  You do need to ensure that you have a clear line-of-sight for this kit to work.  As soon as I moved the laptop out of the room containing the television, the signal was dropped.  It was, however, restored after a few moments when the laptop was returned to the room.  Under the necessary conditions, the system will deliver content wirelessly from a computer to a remote display but that is its sole function.

The CablesToGo TRULink Wireless USB to VGA kit is available from retailers, such as Dabs, priced at £128.82.  This does seem rather high for what you actually get especially when you consider that you can pick up a Wi-Fi enabled multimedia player for slightly more and get greater functionality.  Perhaps if this device supported HDMI then maybe it could justify this price point but not as it stands.  Considering the problems I had setting up the kit and its limited functionality, it is not a product that I can totally recommend.

The TRULink product requires a 1.8GHz Dual Core processor for delivering 720p full screen video playback.  This product is compatible with Windows XP and later or Mac OS X.

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