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This is a twin tuner PVR (hard disc recorder) with built in Freeview so you can record two channels at the same time, or start watching something from the beginning after it’s started, and, lots more.
Digifusion FVRT200 HDD PVR

There are lots of hard disc recorders about, some are analogue, a few are digital but this unit marketed by Evesham Technology has built in Freeview (so no other box is required) and best of all it can record two separate channels at the same time. Because of the loop through you can still watch an analogue channel at the same time. Perhaps even more amazing while you are recording two channels you can replay something previously recorded.

The unit itself is quite small especially against a standard video or hard disc recorder. It is 36x26x4.5cm with cables inserted. The setup is straightforward just insert the aerial lead, the fly lead to the TV and the SCART cable, SCART cable not supplied but Evesham will be delighted to sell you one should you require it.

Given the dimensions you should not be surprised that the power brick is external and once you have inserted the lead from the brick into the unit insert the lead from the brick into the mains plug. The unit turns on and begins the job on tuning to all available digital channels in my case 60 TV and 24 radio. Assuming you have the TV turned on it automatically changes to the AV channel and you can watch the process.

An ideal time to insert the 2xAA batteries into the 41 key remote control. There are only three buttons on the DigiFusion box but I never used them during the whole period of the trial. There is also no on/off switch as it is designed to be left in standby as it downloads updates to the 14 day programming guide overnight. This is the one feature that you will not be able to use on day one it is clearly stated in the 48 page user guide there is also a separate sheet stating this in the box. However from day two on you can program from the Guide up to 14 days in advance, when the program is recorded the details are included with the recording in the Library and you can even have snapshots at 5 minute intervals so if you have watched part of a program you can return at a later time from where you finished watching.

I would recommend that you read the manual from cover to cover, some features will be standard others will certainly be new and the manual explains them all clearly.

If I had any problem it was with the remote as when in the menu sometimes that exits to the next level and sometimes it's the cancel button that is in a totally different section, also the line of keys above the back/forward/stop are easy to press in error. However this is just my perception and after a few days I had it working as I wished albeit with the manual sitting beside me as a backup. I started by entering everything from the menu button but as there are Guide, Calendar and Library buttons this just added a level of control.

This was the first stand alone twin tuner unit I have reviewed and it takes a while to get used to being able to program two items that clash or even run concurrently but it works fine and there is no loss of picture quality. In fact I even tried watching something previously recorded while recording two items again fine and even switching to an analogue channel and watching while the two recordings were in progress again no problem. I assume there must be some sort or aerial booster inside the unit as otherwise I would certainly expect less than perfect images.

As a scenario, say you are watching a program that ends at 8.30 but also want to watch a two hour program that starts at 8.00. Currently what you probably do is record the last 30 minutes of program A and watch it after program B has finished.

With the DigiFusion unit you could record program B from it's start at 8.00 and rewind it at 8.30 after program A has finished. If this is a program on a channel that has adverts you can probably manage to catch up during the program and probably finish at more or less the same time as you would if you had watched from the start. The fast forward is rock steady and can be worked at up to 64x personally I find 16x goes through a four minute advert break very quickly. Be careful using this method to only use the back/forward/play keys and of course do not stop the recording.

Another feature is that if you are watching a program live and the phone goes or someone comes to the door you can just rewind live TV up to half an hour assuming you have been on that channel for half an hour, this process happens even if you are not recording it's an automatic process.

There are two products a 40GB and an 80GB version, while this may not seem huge by some other capacities out there the compression method used means that 80 hours of recording is easily possible on the 80GB version. This is a great product and if you are still using a video recorder and do not have a Freeview box - assuming digital reception is good in your area - then this is a no brainer bring your analogue TV into the 21st century and stop any arguments about what to watch and or record.

The DigiFusion FVRT200 is available from the link below at £174.99 inc delivery. Without the very slight design problems with the remote it would have been in line for a 5x5 award, however a few days of use and these are not a problem.  

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Comment by jim, May 20, 2009 10:25

I also bought a FVRT 100 unit back in 2005 and constantley had freeze picture problems. within the 1st 8 weeks of use, I returned it to curry's and up graded it to the digifusion FVRT200 which has been a great reliable unit for 3 and a half years. Now as it only sits there with "pls Wait" on the display and in standby mode indicated by red led .and Know amount of rebooting with two right hand switches seem to have any effect on restoring factory resets, I have notice that other digifusion users on your blog, have had the same fault. this i can only think is a failure of the hard drive.  

Comment by huggy2000, Dec 18, 2008 20:49

Has anyone got an instruction manual for a fvrt400?

Comment by John Osband, Dec 10, 2008 17:24

Our FVRT200 has revolutionised our recording and viewing.   We have had it for three years and received helpful advice from the Customer Helpline on the back of the instruction book.   Powering down is mentioned in the book as a simple cure-all but I needed to be re-assured by a human voice that it would work.   It has done on two or three occasions.   This time the problems were more complicated and we were faced with almost total freeze-up.   The advice from 08702 405 005 was more advanced but I wrote out at dictation speed and,with some concentration, it  worked!   Our recording friend is back with us again.   The only casualties were the Frosts and Morses that had sat there for a couple of years and had to go - quite a relief really and marvellous to see nearly 100% capacity free for us after juggling for ages with the last 20%.   In the emergency I had to set the old steam VHS, what an effort!

Comment by billyboy, Dec 6, 2008 13:54

My FVRT200 has a PLSE WAIT message permanently dislayed.I have tried powerind
down but to no avail.Anyone got any ideas please?

Comment by joe, Dec 15, 2007 13:52

Bought the FVRT100 two years ago, after three better looking & built Pace PVR's  broke down. My  machine has a 3 amp power supply and has been fine. (The faulty ones seem to be the 2 amp supplies with the plug on the brick.) The unit works  fantastic and the picture quality is much better than our other freeview boxes. It is dead easy to use and certainly much easier than any video recorder. BUY IT .....

Comment by robert kirby, Dec 8, 2007 15:55

I am now about to buy my fifth unit I am so impressed. Two for our house, one for my son, one for my father in law and now one for my parents.  Should I also be buying another for my daughter?  The signal seems to be better than the digital reception on the television and better than a preceding digital receiver.  The display is better than a lot and the method of recording is very easy.  It is dificult to remember life without it.  The main problem is that one of the machines seems to be quite noisy at rest (the hard drive).  It needs to be on standby overnight to pick up the signal for the future programmes (2 weeks visible in advance).

Comment by dodger1, Dec 3, 2007 10:50

i bought one of these, turned it on and please wait ,nothing else so returned it.

Comment by chris, Nov 20, 2007 8:45

My FVRT200 which has worked fine for the last year has a delayed (2minute)response to the remote I have tried loading factory defaults and formatting the HDD but after a few minutes of correct operation it reverts back to the delayed response

Comment by Paul, Nov 7, 2007 23:14

The 'pls wait' message may be down to a disconnected hard drive. If the unit's had a knock in transit the IDE lead can become dislodged. Worth a look at least. I bought one of these off Ebay & I'm totally unimpressed. Tesco are currently doing a 120 (Maybe 160) Gb PVR for £80 with 'Top-Up' Freeview capability. I think I'll be heading to Tesco..............

Comment by mark, Sep 16, 2007 14:15

i had a DigiFusion FVRT200 and i turned it on and it says please wait and dose nothing else

Comment by wing, June 25, 2007 21:02

I've had two and both lost their memory so all my recordings vanished. The first also went out of sync and the second didn't supply colour through the AV. i now await my money back. I'll try the Sharo one now. John Lewis £150.

Comment by Frank bee, Jan 29, 2007 22:42

I've had the FVRT 100 for about 18months bought from Currys at £189.00. Wonderful machine although had to buy new upgraded power unit. Now works fine. So impressed I bought my son the FVRT200 from micro direct at the all in delivered price of £82.22. Reconditioned ofcourse at that price. However the remote has stopped working with the 200 model, even though it works on mine....Any suggestions as to what might be the problem...? Thanks Frankbee

Comment by Leanne B, Jan 27, 2007 17:39

MicroDirect price on 27/1/07 is 82.24 inc VAT. Thinking of buying this unit plus a DVD recorder/VCR combi, instead of the Funai Three in One HDR-B2735 (apprx 249.99) as it seemed problematic according to reviews. I want to be able to play & record DVD&VHS, plus record digital TV to HDD & DVD, and without having to watch the channel I'm recording. If I bought the DigiFusion FVRT200 can it be set up to play a recording on HDD that I can then record onto a DVD using a DVD recorder/VCR combi?? Would have been able to do this in one unit with the Funai but wary of it now, plus price of 2 units might be cheaper as long as I know I can record onto a DVD from the DigiFusion. Does anyone know the answer??

Comment by Alfred E. Newman, Dec 4, 2006 13:39

Greetings All I've just got one of these units from Microsdirect delivered cost £92 v. good value. It came with a decent psu 12v5amp. The normal one was/is only 2amp and is crap. This is the 2nd Digifusion unit I've had the first was a fvrt 150 which worked ok for about 13/14 months before getting too hot and clapping out. It's the psu that's at fault. I also have a Humax 8000 and its build quality is superior but only 1 tuner. There are plenty of pvrs about with 2 tuners but not all can record on both let alone watch a recording at the same time, the digfusion is v. good value for money. Digifusion is now owned by BEKO. regads mike

Comment by paul_smart, Sep 25, 2006 7:45

Still the best unit of it's type I have used, and you train yourself to use the remote control, certainly a great buy at £139.

Comment by dean, Sep 24, 2006 13:46

Maplin now selling these units (80GB) for £139.00. Excellent looking and functioning unit, shame about the remote control!

Comment by tom pepper, Sep 8, 2006 17:33

I have one of these units, and it does all that the review says, BUT it does have a few problems, most of which are attributable to the undersized power supply. It can lock up completely and will only work after a hard reset, mine has lost all my recorded programs on two occasions, when I contacted the help line regarding this, I was spoken to as though I was an idiot and then given an explaination that ammounted to a pile of bullshit, NOT A GOOD HELP LINE. From various forums I have gathered that most of these problems are due to the undersized power supply, a larger after-market model is available at extra cost. Otherwise an exelent machine,

Comment by paul_smart, June 14, 2006 8:41

The price from the link above has now been reduced by £10 to £164.99 and you still get free delivery.

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