Alba DVD Recorder RDVD1001 

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A sub £100 DVD Recorder not so very long ago you would not have found many DVD players in that price bracket.

This is quite large at 41x41x7cm with cables inserted. Several units I have seen are thinner and certainly less deep but they do cost considerably more than the Alba.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to setup. Plug in the aerial and the SCART lead and turn on. It then scans channels and finds not only the five terrestrial but also my cable channel even though it was switched off. Set the time and date and you are ready to record certainly less than five minutes in all. Regular readers will know the problems I have had with certain other units.

The channel 5 signal in this area is not great and some units fail to tune it, there is no manual tuning but if it found channel 5 here then any signal of less strength is likely to be useless.

This unit uses DVD +R and +RW to record, a lot of other units use -R and -RW. It will play just about any DVD format as well as VCD and CD's. Playing back shop purchased DVD's was fine.

There are four recording speeds XP, SP, LP and EP some other units have only SP and LP. The relevant recording times on an DVD +RW disc are 70, 135, 253 and 365 minutes. I found the LP reasonable but the EP was not really very good. None were up the standard of professionally recorded discs, but you should not expect this on a sub £100 system.

Alba DVD Recorder RDVD1001

Every system has a different method to record, replay and more importantly on '+RW' discs delete data. However after a few uses it becomes simple. The one small gripe I have is that 'Edit Disc' is always greyed out unless the disc is clear (called a new disc) and then it is not really required. However for those recording once to 'DVD +R' it does have a purpose, to finalise the disc.

The sub menu of the Display option of the 46 key remote control is how you free space on DVD +RW discs a feature not often available as with most units you can only record and wipe the whole disc.

There is a sixty page manual that should explain everything that you need to know.

I found slight interference on BBC 1 when viewing via the Pass Through option however this was only noticed as I normally have excellent reception. BBC 2, ITV and Channel 4 seemed unaffected and as stated my Channel 5 signal is not good anyway.

Should you be looking for a reasonably priced DVD recorder then this unit must surely be very near the top of your list. While I have seen better recordings using 'LP' they were on a unit costing twice what this one does. The list price is £99.99 but it is very new so you will need to look around to find it. 

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Comment by ckayc61, Feb 18, 2010 16:05

hi i have an RDVD1006 all i get is a blue flashing light, nothing works manually or by remote control, anyone help please, I CANNOT RING THE COMPANY AS NUMBER NO LONGER IN SERIVE,, ALL THE BEST, KAY

Comment by margarette, Sep 15, 2008 16:02

I have a r1001 dvd recorder It too flashes a blue light and after a sort time the display that shows the clock faded out. Could you give us some advice on how we can stop this blue light as it did work fine now it will not respond t anything that we do to it.Does it have batteries inside to run the clock and is the blue light to mean something needs changing.
your maggie

Comment by JASON, Jan 1, 2008 20:11


Comment by jackie, Nov 26, 2007 14:03

had a alba dvd recorder rdvd1006 in manuel say not a thing about a flashing blue light and i have only had it just over a year used it three times i have know display only flashing blue light

Comment by petew, Aug 22, 2006 12:41

Hello Kirsty, I'm on NTL, but haven't tried this but should work. There is an analogue arial output that comes from the back of my cable box which you can connect to the arial-in on the DVD recorder. That way you have two connections - arial and SCART. The DVD can then tune the analogue stations and the digital signal and you can record either. This allows you to record BBC1/2,ITV1/Channel4 and 5 while you watch any other one of those through digital. Hope that helps.

Comment by Kirsty Davies, Aug 22, 2006 12:32

Thanls for replying Paul. She no longer has an aerial, she ios just connected to NTL. however, she could watch one channel and record another with her video recorder/player so I thinks it's strange that she can't with the DVD recorder. Maybe there's a lead missing or somthing??

Comment by paul_smart, Aug 21, 2006 13:23

Kirsty, I am not sure if NTL support more than one channel, if your mother still has a standard aerial she could watch an analogue channel and record something from an NTL channel or visa versa. To record something while she is not watching the NTL box would need to be turned on to the channel she wishes to record and the Alba unit set to record this channel at the time required then it would take the NTL signal. Hope this helps.

Comment by Kirsty Davies, Aug 21, 2006 13:14

Please can someone help. I purchased this model from ebuyer last week for my mother who is not the most technically minded of people. She has set it all up but can only record what she is watching and if the tv is turned off she cannot record anything at all. She is on NTL cable - can anyone help or explain if and how you can record a different channel to the one you are watching. many thanks

Comment by Backudog, Aug 14, 2006 4:51

Just bought one off ebay for £51 inc p+p!(think the seller had more than one listed if you wanna have a look) at that price you can't go wrong.

Comment by jonw, Jan 15, 2006 19:29

Sainsburys now have this and the RDVDR1002 for £64.95.

Comment by jonw, Dec 30, 2005 22:06

I *think* this is the one currently being sold in my local Sainsburys at £69. For this price I've fairly tempted to get on just for the hell of it! The cost is worth if for the space saving of copying my VHS videos onto DVD.

Comment by paul_smart, Sep 23, 2005 7:55

Just found out that It is currently listed on Boots site at £89.99 inc free delivery link below. That really is a bargain.

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