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A recent visit to a central London location introduced me to nkd Life a British company specialising in the design and development of cutting edge water purification and filter technologies.

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With a company name that owes something to the popular phrase of “naked as nature intended”, nkd is on a mission to grow with high performance, high quality products that promote a clean and healthy life style and environment to create a lasting change.  As its opening gambit to achieve this aim, nkd plans to shake up the global bottled water market with the release of the company’s initial product, the pod+ offering.

With a general appearance of a stylish washing up liquid bottle, the pod+ combines elements of a clear plastic bottle container, coloured plastic top and a cutaway rubberised sheath for additional protection when being used in different locations.  Allowing for different members of the family to have and recognise their own particular pod+ unit, there is a choice of Black, White, Red, Pink, and Blue or, as in the case of my review sample, Green coloured cap.  The cap can easily be removed so that the pod+ can be refilled with liquid whenever necessary.

While the pod+ might give an initial impression that it is little more than a reusable water bottle, this product does possess an additional feature that makes it really stand out from the more basic offerings currently on the market.  Built into the cap element is a filer unit.  Like the cap, which houses it, the filter is removable when the time comes for it to be replaced. 

Once removed from the cap mounting, the filter unit reminds me somewhat of a small hair drying, styling brush.  The replaceable filter makes use of technology developed from the NASA Space programme where its job was to supply drinking water to the astronauts when on one of their missions  The filter can take liquid that has been contaminated in different ways and give it a deep cleanse so that it becomes drinkable.

The filter delivers a three-step approach to the cleansing of the liquid stored in the pod+.  First of all the built-in technology will filter up to 99.9% of contaminants as you suck up the liquid through the filter housed in the pod+.  The contaminants targeted by the filter include bacteria, viruses, cysts, heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and organic contaminants.

As well as the cleansing of contaminants process, the pod+ filter features a layer of pure activated coconut.  This layer can have the effect of improving the taste of the water.  It does this by reducing any odour and chlorine without stripping the water of its natural minerals.  The filter will also help freshen up water that may have been lying dormant for a lengthy period of time such as bottled water stored on retailers’ shelves.

The nkd pod+ can be used to cleanse a variety of liquids such as dirty river, pond and lake water.  I also presume the pod+ filter could be used to make urine drinkable, considering the NASA technology background, but I have not tested this particular feature.  One test that I did try was to filter Diet Coke (it was available at the time).  I felt the resulting liquid tasted rather disappointingly flat and unappetising.  Filtered pond water tasted far better to my jaded palette.

The nkd pod+ can hold 585ml of liquid while the filter is rated at being capable of handling 300 refills of the bottle.  This is the equivalent of 175 litres of drinking water, giving around a two month’s supply of regular drinkable water to the user.  As the nkd pod+ can provide you with a supply of drinkable water, especially if you are cut off from a regular tap source, it can also deliver water to a child in need as nkd has set up a Live Movement programme to match litre for litre of drinkable water to those in need. 

I also suggested to the company that it should consider setting up a scheme whereby customers could sent back used filter for recycling and maybe receive a small reduction in the price of a replacement unit.  The nkd pod+ is expected to retail at £19.95 with replacement filers costing £7.95.  The product seems more suitable to the energetic and outdoor adventurous type.

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