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As Christmas draws ever closer more items pass onto my desk that could be suitable as gifts. First a jig saw that could also help you discover where your favourite wine comes from while you solve it. Second a card game that enables you to find out where the Yeti is, your job to get its picture before anyone else.

Ginger Fox Puzzle Cru Wines of Italy Jigsaw Puzzle
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Wines Of Italy

Unless you are Italian of go there a lot then the shape of Italy as a leg with a foot could be one of the few things you know. Another being the fact they like their wine and they grow a lot of grapes.
The traditional Chianti bottle that has a straw basket could be another way to recognise the wine as Italian, now where in Italy does your favourite wine cone from, is it the foot, the calf or up at the top of the leg.

While you spend a good amount of time puzzling over this 1000 piece jig saw it will not be quick as the pieces are only 2.5x2.5cm and there is a lot of light blue sea as three of the four sides of Italy are sea. The forth side is white being the edges of France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. I only knew the countries by looking as the thick paper map which shows what you are attempting to make, not only does this 36x27cm map show all the cities but also the dozen wine making regions and this can assist you in completing this hard puzzle.

You will need patience and not too much wine or it will never be finished. The back of the paper map has some useful facts about Italy.

The box is well made as is the solid paper bag to store the pieces in.

Wines of Italy is available from the link below for £17.99

At the time of publication this Wines of Italy jigsaw is available from Amazon priced at £14.99.

Yes, Yes YETI

Ginger Fox Yes Yes Yeti Card Game
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This comes in a small 13.5x9.5cm box that has three packs of special cards and two cardboard push out cards each with six counters on. There is also a 26x12 sheet of paper divided into three that is the rules.

The game is for three to six people and is stated to be for age 8 upwards.

The rules are well laid out in a white text on a blue background which is easy to read even for someone with less than perfect eyesight.

The design of the box is such even after a few uses its still solid and therefore the cards and counters should still be available.

A simple game but with luck playing a good part even the younger children could win.

At the time of publication you can also find the Yes, Yes YETI card game available from Amazon for £9.99

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