Grandfather's House 

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Are your memories of childhood adventure true or not? Step back in time to relive past experiences and you might find out.

A Haunted House is the setting for this next title from DIGIMIGHT.  Described as a mystery puzzle, this game is based on a brother and sister who find themselves reluctantly returning to the old home where their grandfather had lived.  Memories were beginning to surface and the siblings were keen to discover  whether the ghostly encounters they had witness during their earlier visits were imagination or not.  You have been chosen to accompany this pair as they revisit their grandfather's old property to sort out dreams from reality.

The game of Haunted House spreads itself out over 150 levels of puzzle solving tasks which are broken up into five different locations that each contain their share of 30 levels.  These levels each consist of what the product describes as haunting Japanese crossword puzzles.  To save you the bother of wondering what such puzzles might involve, I should explain that I usually refer to this type of puzzle as a nanogram.

Whatever name is given to this type of puzzle, the game play remains the same.  The objective of this type of puzzle is to use a combination of visual clues, logical thinking and the construction of a series of layers that meld together to form a mosaic image.  Your work area is based around a grid made up of six layers, each representing the individual colours used in the mosaic. 

By switching between the different layers you will be given a series of numeric clues arranged across the top and down the left side of the grid forming that layer.  The numbers will indicate which cells in the columns and thus making up the layer which need to be filled in with the current colour.  If a column or row comes with more than a single number then at least one cell should be left unused between the groups.  Once all the layer are completed then you will be presented with the completed mosaic which, in most cases, will fit the game's Haunted House theme element.

As mentioned earlier, the game's 150 levels have been divided into five groups referred to as locations to help identify them.  When working through this content, you will need to follow a set path with both the groups and the levels they contain.  Access will only be granted when the previous task has been completed and this will bring a reward in the form of a pass to take a slight detour.  Completion of levels, such as Beautiful Nostalgia and Locked Doors & Creaky Stairs, so taking a short-cut by skipping a level is not an option

This pass will give you access to a Mini Game Puzzle that could involve finding all the ghosts populating a particular scene.  Apart from giving you a moment to relax, these mini games add nothing to the game nor do the sequences of still images and printed text used to link locations.  They are merely a form of padding.

The Haunted House game will only really appeal to die-hard fans of nanogram game play and even they might find it verging on boring before completing the 150 levels.  I downloaded this title from where it is priced at $9.99.  The game requires a 1.0 GHz processor with 512MB of RAM and 199MB of hard disk space running Windows 7 and later.

Haunted House Mystery | GameHouse

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