Mr. Jordan Goes Missing 

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While searching for Mr. Jordan, you need to be aware that criminal gangs might be involved.

Hidden Object Secrets – Family Revenge is a title from the catalogue of offerings from Domini Games.  Available in Collector’s Edition format, this product offers the usual array of adjustments that I have come used to with Domini Games.  Profiles can be set up, volume level adjustments can be made with full screen viewing, a brightness level setting plus the application of special effects can all be made prior to selecting from a choice of three difficult levels, namely Casual, Advanced and Hardcore. 

Unlike other Domini Games titles reviewed recently, the bonus items that appear in this Collector’s Edition product have suffered a reduction in the number of offerings.  Rather than the collection of 11 items, Family Revenge comes with just 6 bonus items.  As a result popular features such as replaying mini games, tackling Hidden Object scenes and watching cut-scenes again, have all been cut from the available menu.  If you want to replay these features then you will need to play the whole game from the start.

In the game of Family Revenge you are cast in the role of a detective who is hired by a wife to investigate the disappearance of her husband who has gone missing.  Not only is her husband missing but your client, Mrs Jordan, has suspicions that her husband might have got himself involved with the Mafia or other criminal influences.  Your instructions are rather simple and straightforward.  You are instructed to search every location you come across while looking for clues.

The game quickly reveals that its layout and format of game play follows a similar feature to that used in the company’s Crossroad series of titles.  You are presented with a wandering trail of 72 linked scenes that you need to follow.  Each of these scenes or levels will feature an appropriate task which needs to be completed in order for progress to be made in solving the mystery of the missing Mr Jordan.

Scenes are often repeated although the required task may be different.  Tools will be provided to access the game’s Strategy Guide, Hint feature and an option to step back to the previous scene.  You will also be provided with an inventory that might list items that need to be found and used plus some basic instructions.  The scene will also have a pop-out indicator offering an update in the number of Collectibles found.  This pop-out will shimmer whenever a Collectible is available in the current scene.

Often the task set by a level could involve Hidden Object game play.  You could be asked to locate objects listed in standard text format or as jumbled words.  Sometimes you will be presented with a selection of objects which, in some cases, you will need to find in the scene or place them in an appropriate position within the scene.  Often finding an item will involve catching the item as it morphs into the required appearance.  Other forms of Hidden Object game play used within this title include identifying silhouettes, finding items of a particular type, matching a supplied description or finding magnified areas of the scene.

From time to time, the task will come in the form of a mini game puzzle.  In its usual fashion Domini Games will offer the player a choice of accepting an Easy or Hard version of the puzzle with both offering access to a Skip option.  Often the puzzle will deal with the arrangement of items such as books, symbols, springs and rope.  Other tasks include opening a combination safe and setting the value pressure to zero in order to proceed.

Interspersed between the various Hidden Object and mini game puzzle tasks are cut-scenes featuring one of the game’s characters.  Often featuring Amelia Jordan or her husband Jack Jordan, these interludes display a static character delivering dialogue in the form of printed text or delivered by a voice actor.  No effort seems to have been made to even hint at any lip synch movement by the on-screen character.

The set path used by the game does make it easier to take a break during gaming sessions.  Overall the game does suffer a little from some repetition as similar tasks and locations are repeated.  I downloaded my copy of the game from where it is priced at $19.99.  It is also available from Big Fish Games priced at £16.00.  The game requires a 2.0 GHz processor with 1024MB of RAM and 598MB of hard disk space running Windows 7 and later.

Hidden Object Secrets - Family Revenge Collector's Edition | Big Fish Games

Hidden Object Secrets - Family Revenge Collector's Edition | GameHouse

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