Winter Holiday Excursion 

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Join a party of young people as they set out to enjoy New Year's Eve in a snowy environment.

While some people prefer the sunshine period for taking their holiday break, others prefer the excitement and adventure you can encounter when facing the demands of winter.  DIGIMIGHT has based this next release on those embarking on a winter holiday.  The result is the Winter Holidays game from the company's Adventure Mosaic series of titles.

When playing the game there are options to adjust music and sound effect volume levels plus choose the tile set to be used when making the mosaics featured in the game.  There is also an option to select either Casual or Expert difficulty which offers different degrees of help when completing the nanogram created mosaics forming a major part of this title.  Profiles can also be created to allow different people to play the game.

This winter holiday spreads itself over five locations.  You start with a visit to Frosty Morning before moving on to Snowy Road, Frozen Lake, Ice Cave and ending with the destination of New Year's Eve.  Each of these locations consists of 30 levels of nanogram game play where you will need to work with six layers as you create mosaics.  Each mosaic will feature six different colours as you are guiding by the use of numeric clues depicting which cells should be filled in to create the image.

When creating a nanogram mosaic you work with a grid that displays numeric clues running across the top and left side of the grid.  These numbers provide the information regarding how many of the column or row cells should be filled in with the current colour.  If more than a single number is used for a row or column then at least one blank cell should be left between the groups that are formed.  Depending on your initial choice of Easy or Difficult level, cells not forming part of the mosaic will be automatically left blank as progress is made by adding a filled-in group or when the column or row is completed. 

Arranged alongside the grid is a panel offering the player some assistance.   This panel will feature a colour palette that allows you to switch at any time between the different layers making up the mosaic.  The program will also switch between colours whenever its work is completed.  The panel also gives you access to a couple of power-ups that are charged through normal game progress.  These power-ups will either automatically fill in a random cell with the appropriate colour or leave it blank or fill in a user-specific area of a cross.  You are also kept informed as to the number of mistakes made.  If you exceed four mistakes then the mosaic will need to be restarted.

Along with the selection of nanogram mosaics, each location also contains a scene which, like the mosaics, needs to be created.  Starting with a silhouette shape, you gradually receive a number of elements forming the scene.  You will need to mount these elements in their correct positions on the silhouette to recreate the scene.  You need to completely rebuild this scene before you will be allowed to move on to the next location and complete the journey and enjoy the New Year's Eve celebrations.

Interspersed between the levels and individual mosaic creating sessions, the game features a number of cut-scenes.  These are generally static in their appearance and have a story book look to them.  Any dialogue used in these sessions will be in printed format only with a mouse click being required to move to the next part.

I feel that this title will only really appeal to fans of nanogram game play who really enjoy the challenge of logical thinking as you decide which cells need to be included.  Winter Holidays can be downloaded from where it is priced at $9.99.  The game requires a 1.0 GHz processor with 512MB of RAM and 198MB of hard disk space running Windows 7 and later.

Adventure Mosaics - Winter Holidays | GameHouse

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