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Not just another DAB radio for many reasons firstly it also has Internet Radio as well as DAB and FM but perhaps most interesting is the fact that ten buttons on top most controls are by touch on the front of the Pure Siesta Flow.

pure siesta flow DAB radio
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This is a mains only unit and probably it will sit by your bed a la the powerful clock radio as it has alarm and sleep functions. It is 18x15x6cm maximum, the sides move inwards and the 18cm front width is only 8cm by the back.

I have one moan and I consider it to be a major one, there is no User Guide, yes there is one of those infuriating Getting Started Sheets in multiple languages but you need to download the PDF User Guide and just because you have a DAB unit does not mean you have a computer or an Internet connection, a major error.

The top has ten buttons all well labelled and three of them are medium sized bar buttons four round ones a very large bar (the snooze button) and a medium sized bar split into two for volume up and down.

The more interesting buttons are the touch ones on the face three soft buttons under the display and an up and down button to the right with a target button to select in between to the right of this a back button to return to the previous screen.

The display in the centre of the front of the unit is 6.5x2.5cm and can display up to six lines of information. If you are listening to DAB the top line shows DAB and volume label the time in the centre and towards the right the strength of any wireless network you are tuned into.

Moving from DAB to the ‘Lounge’ where you have access to thousands of radio stations from around the world. The top line is much the same but an image of a lounger replaced DAB on the left of the top line, the bottom line here give the chance to add the station to your favourites (for even faster tuning, I found around 15 seconds) from changing to the ‘Lounge’.

The next choice is to use any PC your wireless network has connections to (with the appropriate permissions) as a media server the same six lines of info with MP occupying the top left corner. The next choice is FM radio and here of course favourites become important as even though the up and down soft buttons on the face move quite quickly through the waveband you do need to remember the frequency of your stations of choice. The unit has a total of 30 presets. Finally the only setting not to use six lines of information. Auxiliary input that can input from an iPod or MP3 player providing you have a double ended 3.5mm lead as one is not provided. The display has AUX on the top line, the day and date on the second line the third to fifth has a digital clock and the last uses only the right soft button under the display for the options button.  

Sound quality was fine for a bedroom although I prefer a rod aerial to the 75cm wire aerial that exits from the base of the unit alongside the DC input.

When you return from ‘standby’ it goes to whatever you were listening to. Which to me is logical however this does not always happen when you first switch on, I found it often looked for the ‘Lounge’ and this can take time before you are able to change to another setting, no real problem if the wireless network is available but not ideal if it isn’t.

Given the normal high quality of Pure products I found this rather disappointing, sure all the parts worked fine but, no manual means you would probably not find how to do certain things. I found that the selections on the screen reverted before you could read all the choices (unless you are very quick) and I could find no setting to slow it down.

This could be good but I think I would wait for version two assuming Pure listen to my comments and include a manual.

Doing my Internet searches found the Pure Siesta Flow at a best price of £91.03 including free delivery.

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Comment by IGW, Oct 25, 2010 22:57

This is quite a disappointing radio for a couple of reasons:
Pure Siesta Flow has a few problems:
1) After power is restored following power fail the system will *not* silently tune to a DAB channel to get the time. Alarms do not go off until you manually turn on to DAB so it can update its time. Dumb.

2) Operation at night, in the dark is hard, due to some of the controls being touch with no locating detent or bump.

3) It does not move on to next podcast when one finishes

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