MultiCharger & USB Light 

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The first from IDAPT a device to charge all sorts of things using mains power so no bundle of wires and piles of adapters. The second even more simple a small light bulb attached to a length of toughened twistable wire.

IDAPT Universal Charger i2+

IDAPT i2 Universal Charger

Compatible with over four thousand devices is the claim made for this device. The one I had the i2+ comes with six major heads and as the ‘2’ suggests any two can be connected to be charged by the device simultaneously.

Having looked at devices from Powermat and Duracell this IDAPT device works rather differently by making the flat surface have the appropriate charge head sit proud so you plug your device in and should you only have two device types then it can stay as a dedicated charger for those two devices without any swapping.

Should you have more devices then with this unit you can swap the fitments. Should you have a lot of different devices of different styles then you might choose the ‘i3’ or even the ‘i4’ unit that can charge three or four at the same time.

The unit is 15x13x3.5cm and has two 4.5x3.5cm bays placed at opposite corners so even if the device is a lot wider such as a large iPod the overlap will not obscure the other bay to stop it being used during the same time.

Some devices even charge on the landscape but they should still fit without any problem. Any two from the six heads can fit into the unit at the same time; you also have a USB socket on the side that can be utilised at the same time.

The unit’s power comes from the mains via two pin adapter that fits via the supplied (1.6metre lead) in the back of the unit.

The six heads supplied are mini USB, micro USB, SonyEricsson ‘2’, Samsung ‘4’, iPod-iPhone and Nokia 2. There is as stated also a full sized USB on right side of the unit. In front of each bay is a small slit LED to tell you the current state of the charge for that device.

According to the fold out Users Guide there are a total of 25 different adapter tips available. The latest range – new tips are added as devices are launched to future proof your device – can be seen on the website.  

The IDART Universal Charger i2+ is available for £29.99 from the link below with free delivery.

USB Light Bulb from Brando

This is one of the most simple and straightforward items to emerge from Brando those clever people in Hong Kong.

A USB powered light ideal for those using a PC or Notebook computer when it gets dark of course if we are all touch typists who never need to glance at the keyboard then we could type away with nothing but the light from the screen. However sometimes we need to check paper notes and for this the screens light is not enough.

A very simple piece of strengthened wire 30cm long that can be twisted into almost any shape or angle ending at one end with a standard USB plug and at the other with a lamp 3cm round, the actual light is inside so will not dazzle even if you look towards the naked bulb. The light it gives is a pure white light good enough to read by. Even after being on for a good time the bulb does not get hot.

USB Light Bulb is available from the link below for $9 (US) + $3 (US) p&p whatever the size of your order.

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