Finding Lost Property 

Have you noticed how inanimate objects have a habit of developing the ability to conceal themselves in a variety of locations? You may also have come to the conclusion that the effectiveness of this ability increases with the relative importance of the object at the given moment you need it.

doro memoryplus 335 wireless locator
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Car keys, purse/wallet, travel pass or even your mobile phone never seem to be where you clearly remember leaving them.  While some may suggest that it is your memory that is at fault, there is a theory that the Borrowers have been up to their old tricks.  Whichever point of view you subscribe to, maybe a new product from Doro could help alleviate the problem.

This product is the MemoryPlus 335.  Based on wireless technology, the MemoryPlus 335 kit consists of four sensors and a remote transmitter that comes complete with its own docking cradle.  Powered by two AA batteries, the transmitter is similar in general appearance and size (45 x 47 x 23mm) to a candy-bar style mobile phone.  Four large, clearly labelled buttons decorate the front of the unit while there is a similarly labelled area on the back for making a note as to what items the buttons A, B, C and D link to when depressed.  Alongside each of the buttons is a small LED light which flashes to indicate if the button has been activated.

As mentioned, four sensors are supplied as standard.  White in colour you get three key-ring style models (50 x 33 x 12mm) and a credit card size sensor (70 x 50 x 5.5mm).  While the credit card size device is best suited for slipping inside a purse or wallet, the other three sensors need to be attached to their designated object.  Two of these sensors have a standard split ring attachment while the third has a clip-on style connection.  You simply attach or pair these sensors with those objects that have a habit of going missing.  You can then use the receiver to help locate them if they go missing.

When the appropriate button on the receiver is pressed, the corresponding device will beep.  There is a slight difference in the pitch of the beep for each sensor and a more obvious difference in the volume level.  Rather surprisingly, considering it has been designed to fit inside a wallet or purse, the credit card sensor is not the loudest.  Those with reduced hearing capabilities might struggle to pick up this beep when muffled by a covering.

The rule of thumb with the MemoryPlus 335 is that you can only use the device to locate one item at a time.  This is a reasonable limitation although it does cut out the possibility of this kit being used as a game to keep children occupied – a game of search & find with the winner being the first one to locate the correct hidden item.  If you press more than one buttons then the second one will cancel out the one previously selected.   A second press of the same button has the effect of turning off the beeping sound emitting from the sensor.

According to the product’s packaging, the MemoryPlus 335 has an indoor range of up to 15 metres.  Yet checking the product’s specification sheet available for downloading in PDF format, the effective range is doubled to 30 metres.  In my tests, governed by the size of my home, I was able to activate the key-ring sensors at a range of 25 metres while I had to reduce the distance to 22 metres when the target was the credit card sensor stored in a leather container.

Of course if you happen to misplace the receiver then you would be unable to activate the sensors.  To avoid this type of situation, Doro has included a docking cradle to store the receiver when it is not in use.  As well as providing a home for the receiver, the docking cradle can also cut off a reminder beep emitted by the receiver if you forget to replace it in the cradle.  You will need to turn this feature on, by flipping a switch in the battery compartment, as it is turned off by default.

Expect to pay in the region of £45 for this device designed to help keep track of up to four objects.  The value of the product will depend upon how often you misplace items and the disruption it will cause.

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Comment by Seakay, 14 Jan 2010 10:05

Sounds like a good present rather than a must have, but disappointed to see that best Amazon price is £30 more that suggested "expect to pay" price!

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