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My first joy on opening the box was that it was not P I N K (the original PogoPlug was) this was a far more normal black. So what can the PogoPlug Pro do – apart from save your eyes – that the original PogoPlug cannot.

They have a way of making you make them aware of your PogoPlug as the box has just an Ethernet lead, a power lead and the PogoPlug a single multi language sheet just says go to the PogoPlug website. By clicking on ‘Activate PogoPlug’ you get illustrations to show you how to set it up a total of six screen and all is completed.

Using a PogoPlug to access your files from anywhere in the world is just a matter of entering a username and password. In a local environment you can attach any USB device stick or hard disc to any of the four USB ports on the device.

It is 11x14x6cm but to balance it when leads are inserted there is another 8cm on the length in an open foot arrangement.

The front end has a single USB socket and an LED the rear end has power lead input, Ethernet port and three further USB ports in a column.

Would you buy a PogoPlug Pro on what the box says – I doubt it – Free Lifetime Service, No Fees No Limits. Your Personal Cloud, Access and share all your files, photos and music through the Internet. Finally iPad, iPhone and Smartphone Compatible. That is the sum total of the face of the box and as stated the Getting Started Guide is just to tell you the link to the PogoPlug website so you can activate your PogoPlug -link it up.

While I have not travelled abroad recently I have connected remotely to my PogoPlug and while my remote connections where only tens of miles away they might as well have been in Australia or The USA as to the Internet next door is as easy or as hard to reach as either of the places mentioned all with the aid of ‘The Cloud’.

The main difference between the original PogoPlug and the PogoPlug Pro is wireless connectivity without the aid of a USB dongle.

Other things have changed under the hood. It's no longer a single core Arm 5 processor and instead now sports a dual core Arm 6, however those worried this will increase its power drain, don’t be as its still under 5 watts. There are Desktop applets to use with Windows, MAC or Linux systems.

The other thing that I can remember people asking for at the original PogoPlug launch that has now been implemented is universal printing (currently still a BETA application) from anywhere to a range of HP and Epson printers (produced in the last few years) providing they are connected to one of the PogoPlugs USB ports. Here via an email address you can send documents from your Smartphone or other mobile device to be printed remotely.

So if you already have a PogoPlug should you upgrade to a PogoPlug pro well I am told that the printing should work with the original unit. As a man – sorry ladies – I hate P I N K so that might be enough for me, The added processor power might be enough for those who transfer a lot of files often, other than that then maybe not.

However should you not already have a PogoPlug – unless you are a lady – then go for the PogoPlug Pro the price differential is not huge, so if you need to access files from a range of places then forgetting to take that memory stick or hard disc with you is no longer a shooting offence as you can just download the file from your PogoPlug or PogoPlug Pro from anywhere.

It also has a sharing mode where not only business files but leisure items such as MP3 can be shared with other like users.

The PogoPlug Pro is available from the first link below for £99.99 Has videos of it working.

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