Two Rather Different Clocks 

Both these clocks come from a company whose message is ‘stuff you don’t need …. but you really really want.’ The first an analogue clock in three books and the second a cheeky digital offering.
Book clock

Book Clock

A very simple outline of three books each 6.5cm wide, 20cm tall and 14.5cm deep. So the total width is 19.5cm. The dummy books are black the one on the left has Nine in silver as the title and the one on the right has Three for the title. All three have the small Karlsson as the publisher near the base.

The simple clock mechanism is fitted behind the centre book. It is powered by a single 'AA' battery. The plain silvered hands are 8cm for the minute hand and 6cm for the hour hand.

If you have a bookshelf for 20cm (approx) books then this near silent clock may look okay, just for the one function of telling the time.

Available from IWantOneOfThose on the following link for £14.99 :


This is a circular clock 10cm in circumference and it's face is 45 degrees to the vertical. So the maximum depth is 8cm. It has an inner 5.5cm LCD area with four lines the top one can show seven characters, the next two eight characters and the forth line is the digital clock that displays hours and minutes and half size seconds with AM or PM in the space above the seconds, it is possible to use it as a 24 hour clock.

Round the outside are twelve positions, press them to view various special features. The 12 o'clock one is simply a clock on the forth line with the first line showing the year, the second the date and the third the day of the week. The 1 o'clock position shows a steaming bowl and the top line says Time To while the second line says Lunch, the third line is empty and the forth line shows the hours, minutes and seconds till Lunch. Of course you set your lunch time and it's duration.

click for close-up

The 2 o'clock position shows Time To on the top line, Birthday on the second line, the number of days on the third line and the hours, minutes and seconds on the forth line. Of course it can only do this when you have entered the Birthday date. It could be useful to put the wife/partner/girl friends birth date in as most surely know their own birth date. 3 o'clock shows nothing on the top line Time To on the second line and Home on the third line with the hours minutes and seconds counting down on the forth line, again you must enter your work finish time.

The 4 o'clock with a picture of prison bars and a face peering out has Started Job scrolling on the top line, number of years on line two, number of days on line three and the current time on line four in the normal, hours, minutes and seconds format.

A question mark is on the 5 o'clock position has Time To, Your Own, Number of Days, and a countdown clock. 6 o'clock has a heart with Started Relationship scrolling on the top line, number of years on line two, number of days on line three and the actual time in the hours, minutes seconds format on the forth line. 7 o'clock has two pairs of intertwined feet (sole side showing). 8 o'clock has time to weekend on the top two lines days on line three and the hours minutes and seconds on line four, of course you need to enter your working hours. 9 o'clock has time to Christmas, 10 o'clock is a stopwatch and 11 o'clock has picture of two palm trees shows time to holiday on lines one and two number of days on line three and hours minutes and seconds counting down on the forth line.

Everything I have described and more is on a single large sheet of paper. In the base you need to fit two 'AA' batteries and when looking for a gift that costs not a great deal for the person who has everything either of these might fit the bill.

The Lifetimer is available from for £14.95 on the following link :

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