Barcelona or Copenhagen from Urbanista 

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These are two sets of headphones from a company in Sweden. The first is a lightweight set with smaller earpieces and a little padding on the headband, the second even more lightweight and these also have a modern feel.

Urbanista Barcelona Headphones
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Barcelona from Urbanista

Both these were displayed on a stand from a twice yearly press show that enables me to see items that are from companies not often shown in the UK.

These were white and had 3.5cm of movement in each arm for anyone with a larger head. From the base to the base of the headband – when fully retracted – is 15cm. They fit on top of the ear and can be worn either on top of the head or as seems more fashionable slightly back towards the neck and give a cool light feel to the wearer.

The lead is 1.2metres long and is flat – to discourage knotting when removed – and the first 30cm is leads from each ear until they join together for the last 90cm of their journey to the gold plated ‘L’ shaped 3.5mm plug.

For the times when you have to have them off your ears then they feel just as comfortable when around your neck.

Half way down the lead from the left ear (15cm) is the built in microphone to enable you to take calls while listening to music. This seems the ideal length so you do not walk along like a zombie appearing to shout at no one in particular as you can speak in a normal tone and still be heard quite easily by the person calling you.

Each earpiece can pivot anywhere side to side as it pivots on a joint that can be as much as 1cm from the backing.

There is a hard backed zipped case provided for those who want it, in my tests they survived – without cord knotting – in my bag without any apparent problem.

The Urbanista Barcelona is available from the link below for £34.99 with free delivery.

Urbanista Copenhagen Mid Size Headphones
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Urbanista Copenhagen

These really need to sit on area mid way between the top of the head and the neck. They are black and chrome and easily fold into something as small as 14cm and then click easily back into a normal headphone shape.

The adjustment is in theory huge as two metal bands contract as the black rubber adjusters are pushed towards the top of the band. The earpieces are square and sit over the ear so you can sit them on the top of your head but to me they sit easier nearer the back of the head, the only padding is on the earpieces so this is a comfort thing for those of us who are follicly challenged.

Like the last unit the lead is flat to protect from knotting, the cord length is 1metre with the same 30cm length till the separate lead join with the phone answering dongle being the same 15cm down the left cord length.

Just like the above they have travelled with me in my bag and not once has the cord knotted just unfurling as needed.

The sound quality was good for both voice and music and their lightweight make them desirable. They look stylish with all the chrome. These also have a case this time click shut and not zipped as with the headphones above.

The Urbanista Copenhagen are available from the link below for £54.13 with free delivery.

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