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As part of its Casual / Snack Games portfolio, XING Interactive has released Pizza Deliciozo. As you might surmise from its title, this game features pizzas (not one of my favourite meals but then the food is not for personal consumption) which you need to make and serve to your customers as you build up your business in the quick food sector.

Once loaded, which is not the quickest operation, Pizza Deliciozo presents with a comic book style opening that introduces you to the game.  You start off with a small pizza parlour and try to expand your business and work from better premises.  The game’s rather chunky interface is built around a large grid containing the various elements and topping required to make pizzas.  Running across the bottom of the screen is the waiting area for your customers as they queue up for their favourite offerings.  Positioned on the left side of the interface are areas showing the various orders, available treats and a coffee and salad section.

In order to make the pizzas for your customers you will need to indulge yourself with a game of match-3 using the ingredients grid.  Rather than swap two adjacent tiles or ingredients, this match-3 game requires you to rotate a block of four tiles in order to create your matches which can be a straight line or an “L” shape of the same ingredients.  This method of game play does allow you to manipulate ingredients from all over the grid to make your matches.  The collected ingredients are then used to create the pizzas which appear automatically in the orders’ section.

At this point in the game you need to switch your focus and change your job description to waiter/waitress so as to serve your customers.  This is carried out by clicking on a pizza which then flies off to the appropriate person in the queue.  A second click will then be required to pick up the payment and thus free up the space in the queue.  Then it is back to more match-3 game play so that you can satisfy your next batch of customers.

While some customers seem content to wait patiently for their pizzas, others will show their displeasure at any delays in service.  You will need to placate them with one of the treats that you have available.  These treats will need to be purchased specifically for this purpose.  You can help increase your profit margins by adding a cup of coffee to various orders.

From time to time coins will be added to certain ingredients in the grid and these can be collected as part of a match-3 set.  You can use this money to pay for items that you might need for your business.  By creating groups of 5 or more of the same topping you can gain bonuses.  These bonuses will automatically collect a row of toppings or all those of a particular type.  However at regular intervals blocks of ice will freeze certain ingredients so that you can not rotate the block of four that contains a frozen item.

Set targets need to be achieved for each stage of the game and awards are given.   Depending upon your performance you could receive a bronze, silver or gold award.  You can use any coins you have collected to purchase new recipes, treats and upgrade your coffee machine plus buy an extra life.

Perform well and you will automatically be upgraded to better premises and have the cash to purchase the recipes for different pizzas.  However you could find that this game quickly becomes repetitive with little variety in the action while the rather limited pool of comments from your customers could have you reaching for the mute button on your sound system.  Pizzas Deliciozo is fine for a quick few minutes of playing every now and then but you might soon find your self getting bored with collecting ingredients for your hungry customers.

Pizza Deliciozo can be purchased on line at a cost of 9.95 euros.  The game requires an 800GHz processor with 128MB of RAM and a graphics card that supports DirectX 9 and OpenGL 1.4.  You will need to be running Windows XP or later.

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