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Even 45 years later, the Rubik effect continues to be felt.

rubiks battle card game
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1974 proved to be a challenging year for those of us who enjoyed the thrill of solving puzzles.  In this case the puzzle, that was dominating the brain power of users in 1974, was the creation of the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Emo Rubik.  As you have probably already guessed by now, the puzzle was the Rubik Cube, originally known as the Magic Cube until it took on the name of its creator and become a must buy product. 

Establishing itself as being considered the world’s best selling puzzle and toy, the Rubik Cube has spawned many different puzzle style offerings based on the original concept of rearranging coloured sections by twisting and turning areas.  More competitive puzzle solvers took part in competitive events to solve the puzzles in the fastest possible time as championships were formed and  printed solutions were published and easily available from street traders.

While definitely not the first and probably not the last, this next offering based on Rubik’s original product, is entitled Rubik’s Battle.  Rubik's Battle is a card game that is being targeted at children from the age of seven and upwards as they compete to take possession of the cards.

As part of the John Adam family of titles, Rubik’s Battle is a card game.  While the cards making up this pack might seem slightly larger than a regular pack of cards due to the style of the packaging, the Rubik’s Battle card are actually smaller and more squared shape than the traditional card offerings.  The Rubik’s Battle cards have dimensions of 74 x 74 mm.  The game playing pack consists of 60 cards each featuring a possible different face of the original Rubik Cube layout.  For example the face would consist of nine sections with some coloured white, blue, red, yellow or whatever.  The reverse side of each card displays the Rubik’s Battle logo using the various colours featured on the main cube concept.

rubiks battle cards
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The game can be played by between 2 and 6 players as they compete against each other to be the one who manages to take over control of the full complement of the 60 cards.  After the Rubik’s Battle cards have been shuffled, the cards will need to be dealt out to the attending players.  Each player can then arrange their Rubik’s Battle cards in a pile, face down, in front of them.  At the appropriate moment, all the players will simultaneously flip over their top Rubik’s Battle card so that it becomes visible to all the players.  The winner of a round will be the first player to call out a colour on his or her card that is not present on any other card that is on show as they “Show it, Spot it, Shout it” – a chant that resembles one currently being used by London Transport security announcements. 

The round winner will be rewarded with all the up-turned cards.  Any player calling out an incorrect colour will be penalised by having to give all the other players one of his or her cards.  If no player can call out a correct colour then the process will need to be repeated by turning over the next card in each player’s pile, with the reward being doubled.  The game continues until one player controls all the 60 cards that make up the Rubik’s Battle pack.

Those wishing to purchase this product will find it available from Amazon priced at £7.24 including delivery.

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