A Duo of Grim Tales 

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Bringing together a BRIDE and a LEGACY, this dual offering tells the tale of two sisters.

Bundled together as part of the Hidden Mystery Collectives series are the Grim Tales - The Bride and the Grim Tales - The Legacy.  These two offerings are both classified as being Hidden Object Adventure games.  Supplied on a single DVD you are given the option to install each title individually from a single menu as the necessary software is installed via the Big Fish website loader.

Although both games have been developed by Elephant Games, there are one or two differences in the set-up process when making adjustments to the game playing environment.  Obviously developed first, The Bride offers fewer options available for adjustment.  You are limited to setting the volume levels for music and sound effects plus whether to play the game in full screen mode with a custom cursor.  To these options The Legacy adds the facility to adjust the volume levels for environment and voice dialogue delivered by voice actors plus graphics gamma.  With both titles the game can be played in a choice of Casual, Advanced or Hardcore level of difficulty.  The Bride will also offer a link to a Strategy Guide option from its title screen.  However when I tried this option the supplied URL failed to make the necessary connection.

This dual pack is based around the story of two sisters with the player taking on the role of one of them as an investigation is carried out into the truth of the Bride and Legacy.  As usual various tools are provided to help the player make progress in either game.

Providing assistance in the investigation is the game's cursor which changes shape to indicate when it is in a position to carry out various tasks.  Cursor shapes are used to show when an object can be examined or when it can be picked up for future use or manipulated.  There is also a cursor with a cog wheel shape to indicate that a min game is available.  Directional arrows will indicate when there are possible directions in which to move.  The appearance of an outbreak of sparkles is used to indicate a Hidden Object scene. 

While the Bride partners its centrally positioned inventory with Hint and Diary features on either side, the Legacy replaces the Diary feature with a Map.  With the Diary, this feature will automatically record discoveries made throughout the game while the Map provides a visual display of areas previously visited and areas requiring tasks to be completed.  The Map can also transport you to a previously visited location.

In the Bride your character will be required to discover what has happened to the other sister who mysteriously vanished on her wedding day and rumours spread that she had drowned.  According to a ghostly figure you have the power to save your sister by solving a mystery as you visit various locations, such as a church, tree house and cemetery, and complete numerous tasks.

Without giving too much away, the Legacy continues the story as your sister gives birth to a son and you set out to attend the christening.   However when you attend the event, you arrive at the site of the family home to be deserted.  There are enough clues present to suggest that this state of affairs might have something to do with werewolves.  And you new adventure begins again.

Hidden Object game play has its part to play in both titles with a similar approach taken by the two offerings.  You are presented with cluttered scene paired with a list of 12 items to be located with or without the assistance of the game's Hint feature.  One of the located items will be your reward for completing these scenes.

Good use is make of the game's graphics and the sound effects help add to the game's atmosphere.  There is a mixture of mini game puzzles that offer interesting challenges.  I felt the mini games tended to be slightly easier in the Bride.

I have seen this dual pack of games on offer for £1.95 on eBay ( with a possible postage charge).  This offering requires a 2.5 GHz processor with 1.0GB of RAM and 1.5GB of hard disk space running Windows XP and later.


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OverallElephant Games Grim Tales - Bride and Legacy rated 60 out of 100

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