Gyration Air Mouse Elite 

How ever big the area surrounding the keyboard there are always times when it is just not large enough. I often find the 30x20cm area set aside for my mouse to move around in taken by notes, cups or even a plate.

gyration GYM5600NA mouse on stand
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While the size of the Air Mouse Elite is not that different from a conventional one the shape does vary as there is a deep notch cut under the unit that allows your thumb or finger to sit flat under the unit to hold it securely.

It is 12x5.5x3cm (maximum dimensions) and to use it as a conventional mouse requires no thought if on the desk or in the air. The mouse weights 90 grams. However it can be used as a presenter device and there are three buttons surrounding a middle button (total of four) towards the centre of the mouse. These do not interfere with normal mouse use as the palm tends to sit just behind them.

This is a wireless unit and the charging dock that it sits in to charge is 5x5x4.5cm (maximum) the mouse sits at a 45% angle on two clips. While charging a row of three orange lights circle through on top of the mouse until charged. You can remove it from the dock at any time (provided you have some charge) and use it as required.

Everything I have described so far is available once you have paired the small wireless received inserted into any USB port with the mouse. A simple process that required you to press both the button on the rear of the mouse and the one on the wireless receiver once they have paired (flashing blue light goes out) you have a standard wireless mouse that works on desktop surface. To use it in the air or to use the extra buttons requires you to install extra software from the supplied CD-ROM. The CD also contains all the documentation.

Once inserted the CD will Autorun and four mouse clicks will have the installation competed. It took two minutes on my XP system and used 94MB of hard disc space. At the end of the install you have a screen with the mouse index that has eight clickable icons. Discovering the Air Mouse Elite. About Media Buttons. About Gestures. MotionTools Features. Actions Overview. Binding an action to a Button. Binding an action to a Gesture. Finally Advance use of MotionTools. This to me all sounds rather complex so far easier to move to the other side of the window and click the other icon Start Tutorial.

The tutorial requires no initial action from you and will autoplay showing you how to use the mouse on the desk and more importantly in the air where it is stated to work up to 30feet away from the unit sorry as I do not have a room that is 30 metres wide or deep I cannot confirm that it works this far from the PC. However I can tell you it works well away when I need my glasses to see the PC screen.

On my original mention of the various buttons I did not mention one under the unit (where the finger or thumb lies) as I did not see it. This needs to be pressed to allow you to use the mouse in the air and after a little practice it works well meaning you tea can now reside on the mouse area beside the keyboard.

The tutorial then proceeds to explain how to mention all the Index topics and best of all shows you how to perform all the tasks such as making an action relate etc. When you are ready to proceed to the next part of the tutorial just click the next button and it continues through so that all those confusing subjects three paragraphs about are now clear and you are able to implement them.

I mentioned a presentation use earlier but using the Advanced use of MotionTools you can change the Gesture controls according to which package you are currently using now that is a clever feature.

So should you want freedom to use your mouse in the air and then have it perform all sorts of extra tasks that normally require keyboard input then the Gyration Air Mouse Elite could well be what you are looking for.

Doing my Internet searches found the Gyration Air Mouse Elite for £89.99 including free delivery from Amazon on the first link below.

I found the Gyration Air Mouse Elite for $83.44 including free delivery from Amazon on the first link below.

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