Mouse Card Reader and Traffic Lights! 

Two more items from those clever people in Hong Kong. First a 3D optical mouse with a built in card reader and second a USB set of traffic lights, exactly what the latter does you will have to read on to find out.

brando mouse integrated sdhc card reader

3D Optical Mouse with Card Reader

This looks like a standard two button mouse (black) with a grey scroll wheel in between. It has a 1.5metre lead so plenty of lead for the average user. The secret is the hole in the rear that accepts SD cards, it also accepts Mini SD and Micro SD (the sort found in the majority of mobile phones) by using one of the two adapters provided with the product.

It is 10.5x5.5x3cm, the top is black, the base is black and where the two meet is clear to give a sort of view into the innards. It is stated to work with Windows 2000 (not tried) Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The hardware resolution is stated to be 800DPI. The packaging (sorry industrial scissors required) state the card reader supports SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Mini SD, Micro SD and T-F Card.

Plug it in to a USB port and after a little thinking Windows recognises it, the mouse works and the only difference you will see is that you have another drive letter in My Computer. Insert a card of any of the approved types and Windows reads it even while you are using the mouse for ‘mouse duties’.

Just like any other drive letter in My Computer you can drag and drop either from or to the card inserted in the mouse. The mouse works like any other and fits neatly in an adult hand. My own mouse is the slightly larger Microsoft Intellimouse and switching to using this rodent was automatic during the test period. Nothing to learn as its still two buttons and the scroll wheel and best of all as it has no ball it does not need defluffing every few days as my own mouse does.

If you need a card reader (SD types only) then this could be idea for you as there is not a card reader cluttering up your desk or getting buried under other items so that it can’t be found when required. As its on the mouse it’s there all the time and of course you only need one USB port for mouse and card reader.

Available from the link below at $15 US plus $3 US P&P to anywhere in the world.

brando traffic light usb hub

USB Traffic Light 4-Port Hub with Voice Recording

So you have read down to see exactly what the traffic lights have to offer. Apart from the lights telling others if they should disturb you or not. The traffic light island has a four port hub and a built in USB microphone ideal for leaving short messages for when you are away. ‘Gone to lunch back at 2.15’

So when someone comes in and sees you talking to a traffic light they will be certain that you have a screw loose, well at least they will probably leave you alone to get on with your work.

It is on a square 6cm base this is 1.5cm tall with the traffic light pylon 12.5cm tall the actual light unit is the top 6.5cm of this. On top of the base is a push button to activate the lights and a slider switch on the right of the light unit to determine which of the three lights is displayed.

There are two USB ports on the front of the base and two on the back. The traffic lights do not have to be on for the hub to work. The USB lead is .87metre and so you need to place it with care as it could be just a little short. If you are planning to attach several items to the hub then maybe a dab of Blu Tack under the traffic light base to help with stability.

The microphone has two buttons as part of the traffic light on/off switch the rear one allows recording and the front one playback. The total available recording time is ten seconds. Possibly slightly better than a post it note stuck to your screen.

The small single sheet of instructions also mention another couple of uses for the unit, the base can be used as a monitor cleaner and a small 1cm notch cut into the top of the traffic lights could hold a business card or perhaps more useful a reminder for yourself, ‘Collect Dry Cleaning on the way home’

Available from the link below at $18 US plus $3 US P&P to anywhere in the world.

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