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During a recent PC review for a product that came without keyboard, video, speakers and mouse I suggested that if you were planning a purchase to run along side another PC that a KVM switch would be a cost effective purchase.

Not only does a KVM switch save the purchase of another keyboard, mouse and flat panel but also a lot of desk space.

As both sets of leads are 1.5metres long the technical distance between the two PC’s would be 3metres but in practice probably somewhat less.

Looking back it’s a while since I reviewed one and that was an offering where keyboard and mouse were probably PS/2 and not USB, the design was somewhat different with leads not being integral but connecting to the switch.

This offering from Lindy is the opposite with all leads emerging from the unit to go to the two PC or laptop units.

This design means that the leads are quite meaty with the video and audio leads in one cable outer and the USB in the other but both and fused together, this process is the same for the other unit so you get four leads in two leads of two emerging together from the rear of the 7x5.5x2.5cm switch unit so they are quite firm to move around.

The switch itself has a VGA connection that you connect your monitor or flat panel to and either side of this a USB socket for each of keyboard and mouse finally the right side has pink and green 3.5mm sockets for speakers (or headset) and microphone. The top of the unit has three semi transparent lights the centre one switches control from one PC to the other. The centre one is also a push control with the outer one becoming illuminated when switched to.

The only writing on the unit is on the front saying monitor and KVM-in-the-cable. On the top select on the central button and I and II on the other two, a picture of a speaker and a microphone above the two 3.5mm sockets.

There is a small four language User Manual with four sides in English. It is possible to control the two PC without the software provided but you will be only able to switch between PCs using the hardware on the switch.

The software on the provided CD gives you two additional ways to switch either via hotkey keyboard controls or tray icon controls.

These methods are explained in the slightly confusing manual as it also refers to a four KVM switch unit as well and some things are a little different. Perhaps a different manual for each unit would have been a better option.

It is possible to connect a USB hub to the unit meaning that other USB devices other than mouse and keyboard can be connected so for instance a USB printer or All In One device could also be shared between the two PCs. You would however have to setup the printer or All In One on both PCs for this to be available for use.

While I connected two near PC’s together using both the switch and the software I also used one PC and one notebook using just the switch and this is ideal if the second unit varies as this allows a quick connection when required.

Doing my searches found the Lindy KVM Switch Compact USB Audio at a best price of £34.94 from the first link and this includes free delivery. or for £31.99 from second link.

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