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Over the last few months I have told you about various Oregon products but not the one they are best known for Weather Stations, I got one early in summer and just recently a second model both can prove extremely helpful.

Oregon Scientific RMR500ES ECO Solar Charging Clima Control
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If you just want a weather station to tell you the internal and external temperatures plus things like day date humidity and prediction for the next 24 hours then several fit the bill one such is the Slim Weatherbox BAR 800 received recently more of that in a bit first…

Solar Clima Control RMR500ES

I have been testing this since the summer, my main worry was that as the main unit is Solar it would die during the winter months, it has not done so, it is in my kitchen window and even with so few hours of light it kept working.

Of course the humidity in a kitchen is always different to the rest of the rooms – apart maybe from the bathroom – and this unit comes with two subsidiary units both controlled by standard ‘AA’ batteries. One is designed to be outside and the other I have tested in several rooms including during the worst of the winter weather the loft that told me if I needed to open the loft flap to stop pipes freezing, that’s a real money saving tip.

These days with all the hype about adding more insulation to a loft a lot just add it on the floor and forget the pipes, warmer home but colder loft and so with a hard winter like this one far more bust pipes than over a normal winter.

The main unit is 13x13x1.5 on a stand that goes back 7cm the same as the fold out solar panel so you need 13x13x7cm to place it. It displays the forecasted weather as a graphical icon with the outside temperature and humidity below this, and then the display splits into two columns the left shows the temperature and humidity from the solar unit with the current time below. The second column shows the temperature and humidity from the other remote unit and below this the day and month these other units are 9.5x5x2cm and transmit wirelessly on a single ‘AA’ battery.

The Oregon Scientific Solar Clima Control RMR500ES is available from the link below for £89.99.

Slim Weather Box BAR800

Oregon Scientific Ultra Thin Weather Station
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This is described as the ‘Worlds Thinnest Weather Station’ it is 14x12.5x1cm. It is supplied with a stand that the multi language instruction sheet failed to show how to fit. After seeing no possible way to attach it I looked at the box illustration and the penny dropped it is magnetic and just get it to the shape shown and it attaches itself, clever.

The viewable display is 10.5x6cm. It starts with two columns of information and ends with one. Two thirds of the left column is the graphical illustration of the weather expected in the next 24 hours, rain, showers, snow or sun etc. The right column for this area has first the outside sensor readings temperature and humidity. Below this line the inside temperature and humidity readings. The bottom third is time in hours minutes and seconds and then the day and the month in numerical representation. The time etc and updated by radio signal. This main unit is controlled by two circular batteries while the remote external unit is controlled by a single ‘AA’ battery. The info is transmitted to the main unit on a choice of radio channels. The outdoor sensor is 9.5x6x1.5cm

The Oregon Scientific Slim Weather Box BAR800 is available from the link below for £54.95

I know Oregon do other Weather Stations and before I reviewed other items like Massagers, Clocks and Aromatherapy bits this was all I knew them for.

This winter has proved challenging and despite the terrible weather my pipes have managed to stay in one piece and knowing how cold the loft was getting was not a guess thanks to the first unit. The second has the advantage that is does not require a window sill.

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