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Unlike most of my reviews, this next product requires an oven and a bowl of water rather than a computer and a mouse.

You either love the product or just can not resist the temptation it offers.  Opinions are divided as to any health issues and hostile take-over bids have been fought over the ownership of our favourite brands.  If you have not already guessed (there is a clue in the title) then I will reveal that the subject matter is chocolate.  However I am not referring to those tempting bars that are available from numerous shops we tend to visit on a daily basis.  No this is more of a D.I.Y. chocolate experience.

Entitles Mayan Magic and described as an explorer pack to help you begin a journey on the road to becoming a 21st century chocolatier, this product has been developed by The Chocolution.  Based in Kent, The Chocolution is the brain child of Jake Lawy (who I have met and he is truly passionate about chocolate although I am not too sure about his suggestion of adding a touch of spicy pepper or curry to a chocolate recipe) and Kieran Renihan.  Between them they have a total of 7 years chocolate making experience and they have come up with the Mayan Magic kit to let you produce delicious chocolate in your home.

This solution comes in a cardboard box containing the base ingredients that you will require to produce what your mouth craves for.  Of course you will need to supply some implements which I shall return to in a moment.  Opening the Mayan Magic box reveals 3 small packets of pure cacao paste (made from 70% organic raw cacao) and cacao butter, 3 small tubs of agave nectar, 1 small tub of flavour (in my case it was 3 nuts but this ingredient does vary with individual packs) and a few paper moulds to provide a professional look to your chocolates.  These supplied edible ingredients come with the claim of being 100% pure, dairy free, additive free and containing no refined sugar.  There is also an instruction sheet with some background information regarding cacao history.  You will need to provide a small saucepan, heat-proof bowl and a spoon or whisk.

So how easy is it to manufacturer your own chocolates for that secret midnight indulgence?  I have to say it was straightforward if a little messy.  My taste buds appreciated the results but I am not sure whether I should say the same for my waist measurement.  Still I have the excuse it was all in the name of product review.

The chocolate production process consists of three stages.  The first stage involves heating up a saucepan of water over which the heat-resistant bowl is placed.  Once the water has boiled you can turn off the heat and move on to stage two.  This involves placing the cacao paste and cacao butter in the bowl so that it melts.  Following ten minutes of melting with occasional stirs, you can add the agave while continuing to stir.  The amount of agave required will depend upon how sweet you like your chocolate.  I tended to stick with 2 of the 3 tubs of agave. 

Next comes the flavour and it does not necessarily need to be that supplied in the box.  If you prefer any flavour then go for it.  Following a final stir, you can transfer the mixture to the moulds and place them in a fridge or freezer for 40 minutes before the devouring begins.  The number of chocolates you produce will depend upon how large you want them to be but for average size you should get around 36 pieces.

You can purchase the Mayan Magic kit, as reviewed, from for £14.99.  You can also purchase the product from where they have a number of special offers available for the real chocoholic.  Anybody in London on the 10th to 12th December can visit the Chocolate Festival at the Southbank and meet up with The Chocolution.

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