FSP's new Micro-Hydro Kits can be customized to your site. 

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Finally small hydro power is available in a custom format! FSP has a free calculator that you can view or download (see to figure out how much power your stream can produce, plus it provides “target RPM” based on the turbine diameter that you are using. This which means you can match the perfect turbine to the perfect motor to make an incredibly efficient and very affordable micro-hydro power plant. Their basic kit is available for just over $400, but pays for itself very quickly.
Turgo Wheel

If you have a stream in your backyard, FSP can provide a customized kit to get the maximum energy potential out of it.  Their kits are great for off-setting your electric bill, or for providing power to remote areas.  The kit can be used with a grid-tie inverter, and many utility companies will begin paying you! 

Turbines work best when they are spinning at 48% of the velocity of the water stream.  FSP has a free calculator that not only calculates the energy potential of your water source, but also calculates the “target RPM” based on different turbine diameters and your net pressure of the water source.  This means that the perfect turbine and generator combo can be matched to get the most energy potential from your stream.  They have custom systems ranging from 20 watts to 500 watts.  Other micro-hydro systems just hand you a generator and turbine and leave you to hope for the best; which usually means you’ll get less power than what is truly available.

Hydro Generator

FSP uses turgo wheels which are highly efficient and quite similar to pelton wheels.  The turgo was developed after the pelton, and incorporates the same cupped design that made the pelton famous.  The turgo has many advantages though, including the fact that the water stream is constantly hitting the turbine at the perfect angle.  The turgo is still considered an impulse turbine, but the power it captures from the stream of water is more constant and complete.  If you have a system with an elevation drop of greater than 300 feet, FSP can offer stainless steel turgos that can withstand the super high pressures.

Hydro Box

FSP has chosen the three-phase brushless dc motor for its generator due to its high efficiency and durability.  Brushes causes heat, noise, and sparks, all which equal energy loss.  Plus, brushes are a major mechanical fail-point.  Their brushless generators avoid all these problems and have a very long lifespan.  The three phase design is also perfect for power generating applications.

Your generator/turgo combo will come with a kit that has all of the electrical components included.  It really is super simple and straightforward.  The plans are clear, and all you have to do is build a box to mount everything to.  All of the electrical connections are based on screw terminals, so you don’t need to solder anything or worry about any special tools.

Interestingly, FSP also offers several science kits on their website,  They have a high voltage kit with a jacob’s ladder and plasma globe, a jet kit, and they sell hovercraft plans.

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