Belkin N+ Modem/Router with USB port. 

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My own modem/router started playing up just a couple of weeks ago and a few days before this arrived it gave up working at all, the wireless side had stopped working some months ago and recently I had to reboot it often two or three times a day.

belkin wireless 802 n wifi router
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So when a modem/router suggests that you need no knowledge to attach a new unit I took this with a large pinch of salt. Insert the CD and it autostarts. A number of questions are asked – and answered – by the information already held within the PC. A range of tests are conducted – by the unit – and then it reboots itself. Done, no questions at all. However the one proviso is that your PC was live and then this scenario is correct.

However should you not be upgrading from a previous modem/router then you could have to answer three questions. Which country are you in, your ISP and finally your user name/password, okay so that’s four questions but apart from that everything is exactly the same as the first scenario.

What you need to do if unplug your old unit from the mains and also remove the fly lead from the phone filter, replace the new lead and plug in any Ethernet cables from your old unit to the new one and plug it’s power adapter to the mains. It really is that easy there is a getting started sheet that shows everything in pictures. There is a sticker on the side of the modem/router that points out what goes where and this corresponds to the actions in the getting started sheet. It’s so easy a senior citizen can do it.

Once you have a single PC working then if you want you can setup wireless security and this requires you think up a word or phrase to be the feed word. A longer word or a nonsense phrase is good even something like ‘e5buMt2bu1Dkl8’ but remember you will need to remember it for any new wireless connection you make or it allows you to store it on a memory stick and then all you need to do is insert it in the notebook and it does even that for you. Now you know that your connection is secure from outsiders stealing your broadband allowance but also far more importantly stealing information from your PC or notebook as they cannot get access.

This unit is designed for the current (not yet ratified) ‘N’ standard but is also backward compatible with both ‘G’ and ‘B’. It is designed to work with Windows XP or Vista and according to the box MAC OS10.4 or later.

The box itself is designed to set vertically, it has two aerial on top and these can be turned in most directions but for the measurements I had then vertical, it is 29cm tall (to the top of the aerials) 12cm wide and 3.5cm wide. However the base (footprint) is 17x7.5cm and this is plenty for all the cables to be inserted in the rear of the unit.

From the top you have the power socket, reset button, four Ethernet ports, USB port and entry point for your fly lead from your (supplied) phone filter. The other side has a range of blue lights (everything blue all is ok) again from the five bar lights to show the download speed you are achieving, next security padlock, next a wireless access PC image and then a wired PC image, next the storage icon and then the router icon followed by the ADSL one and finally the globe image for Internet connection.

Finally the USB port allows you to connect a flash drive or say an external hard disc to give you external storage and it should be accessible – with the right privileges – to anyone on the network meaning ability to store everything that matters in a single place.

This unit is stated – with extra units – to support up to 16 wireless computers. To me the whole thing is no questions to answer that even the most basic user cannot answer. Before when I have setup a modem/router I have opted for the web interface but this does mean you need to know certain things about your setup and your connection. I say again if you have a working system (even with a USB modem) setting up and connecting this unit should require no knowledge other that that mentioned in the article above.

Doing my Internet searches found the Belkin N+ Wireless Modem Router F5D8635uk4A at a best price of £73.52 including free delivery from the first link below. Even at the full stated price this would be good buy.

I found the Belkin N+ Wireless Modem Router available for $85.36 from Amazon, including free delivery, on the following link:

I found the Belkin N+ Wireless Modem Router available for €82.79 from Amazon, including delivery, on the following link:

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