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A name I only heard about through a third party, they are a company big in Germany and they have distributors in the UK.

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V7 L22WD 22" LCD Monitor

£169.99 from Amazon
V7 flat-panel LCD monitor

This V7 L22WD is a 22 inch panel that has built in speakers. The screen is 50x36x6cm. The last dimension the width is the maximum as at the edges it is only half that. The stand raises it 6cm above the desk and is 19x25cm. It is matt black with a silver/grey band round the edge of the screen that matches the stand. The dimensions around the outside of the viewable area of the screen are 47x29.5cm giving the 22inch diagonal measurement.

The unit is bland and simple but do not take that as a criticism it isn't. There are six silvered rod buttons under the screen and just above the twin speakers whose black grill runs the length on the panel.

The rear has Analogue and Digital inputs as well as the power brick connection (mine came with a European two pin plug, but I am sure those sold in the UK will have the correct 13amp fitted) and connection (lead supplied) from your sound card or chip.

Apart from the 'Auto' adjustment everything is done from the on screen menus that are controlled from the rod buttons. However I found the only real adjustment I needed was to increase the sound volume using the on screen menus as quite naturally non powered speakers are set lower than powered sets. However when you are less than a metre away from them you do not need a huge amount of volume.

The default resolution is 1680x1050 but it can work at lesser resolutions if required, for some of those the screen looks peculiar but it does work. Obviously it looks best in the resolution it was designed for. Regular readers may well remember the HP 22 inch offering that was also designed to work at 1680x1050 but for some reason it was impossible to set at that resolution on this PC however this V7 offering gave this resolution by default as soon as connected.

V7 flat panel LCD monitor - rear view

I was happy with the brightness and contrast settings given as the default but they were towards the top end of what was available. Colour was uniform across the screen and even after being on all day the screen size did not seem to vary and nor did the brightness or contrast.

I felt obliged to play several DVD's as part of my tests (a nasty job but someone has to do it) and I was quite happy with the display given. This is sold as a wide screen unit and viewing normal recent DVD's full screen gives a border top and bottom of 1.5cm. If you view 4:3 offerings they play full height with a border either side.

As stated earlier this is a no frills unit and I suspect it might be a little slow for fast game play however for a general panel for word processing or graphics as well as the occasional DVD or three it is fine.

It comes with a three year warranty and there is an 0800 number should you have any problems.

For more information on this 22inch offering go to the V7 website (link below) and if you see the V7 logo on items in a shop then this 22inch panel (V7 L22WD) anyway is certainly worth considering.

The UK sellers are stated as Amazon, Misco and CCS Media. When I checked it wasn't available on Misco, but Amazon are stocking it at £169.99 on the following link :

Information from V7 on the following link :

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