Escape from Atlantis 

Atlantis has long been a popular source of inspiration for those creating different types of entertainment including computer-based games. One such offering is Legends of Atlantis Exodus. Developed by Boonty Nexway Games, this title, belonging to the Time Management genre, is now available from Avanquest’s GSP catalogue of titles.

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According to legend, the island state of Atlantis was a centre of civilisation and a haven of culture far beyond that which had been obtainable by the rest of the known world.  However disaster struck and this idyllic paradise was swallowed up by the surrounding water.  This game concerns the events that led up to this destruction.  Following a series of tidal waves swamping coastal areas and earthquakes causing inland destruction, the Queen of Atlantis decides that the only hope for her subjects in the organisation of a mass exodus to more pleasant and stable climes.  As the Queen’s champion, it befalls on you to carry out the task of evacuating the Atlanteans before nature can claim a victory.

When setting up your game profile from the main title screen, you can adjust the volume levels for sound effects and music.  Although there is plenty of dialogue during the game, it is of the silent text type and so is not included in the volume level settings.  Other options include deciding whether to activate full screen mode, high resolution detail and a custom cursor.  The game can be played in either Challenge or Relaxed mode with the latter being more suitable for the less experienced player.

Spread over 50 levels covering the five areas of the Kingdom of Atlantis, you need to complete a range of specific tasks that include collecting the necessary resources, clearing away blockages, rebuilding facilities and providing the means for inhabitants to escape the forthcoming disaster.  The game does not have a Help feature as such but you do get a brief tutorial that leads you through the first level in company with the Advisor who stays with you as you travel around the kingdom.

Each of the levels making up this game covers a small area of Atlantis displayed as a detailed, illustrated top down view of the scene.  Arranged across the top of each scene are icons representing the tasks that need to be completed for that particular level.  In order to complete these tasks you will need access to various resources such as wood, crystals, water and stone.  The amount you have of each resource will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen.  There is some freedom in the order in which tasks can be completed but often resources and logistics are the defining factor.

Your first task when starting a level will involve listening to instructions from the Advisor and then collecting resources.  Generally the collection process will involve nothing more than just clicking on areas of the scene where the resources are to be found.  In some cases wood can be collecting by cutting down trees.  As the land is about to be destroyed by tidal waves and earthquakes, there should be no green issues regarding conservation.  So do not worry about denuding the forests.

While freely available resources should allow you to cope with a few basic jobs, for many tasks you will need to rebuild certain facilities, such as wells, sawmills, and crystal mines, to ensure you have the necessary resources.  It may seem self-defeating to waste time and resources rebuilding some facilities, knowing they will be destroyed in the near future, but needs must as the resources that they open up will help create the environment that will allow the citizens to escape as you build bridges, repair the roads and carry out other tasks relating to a safe escape.

Gathering resources and clearing away blockages plus repairing damage are not the only tasks that occupy your time in the game.  As the Queen is particularly fond of certain flowers, you will need to be on the lookout for them so that you can collect and save them whenever possible.  Also the priceless relics of Atlantis will need to be collected.

Although many of the citizens of Atlantis are law abiding, there are some only too keen to take advantage of the disruption by indulging in criminal practices.  As the upholder of the Queen’s authority, you will need to deal with these law breakers and maybe an odd mythical creature such as the Hydra.

Fortunately additional workers can become available to help with tasks.  They can be assigned tasks which will be completed in the order in which they were selected.  In some locations you will be offered the opportunity to collect Hermes boots which increase the speed of a worker for a period of 30 seconds.  At the completion of each level you will be presented with a screen showing how well you performed and whether you passed or failed the level with the result you need to try again.

Legend of Atlantic Exodus is a fun game that is relatively easy to pick up and it should provide many hours of enjoyable game play.  Priced at £10.20, the game requires a 1.2GHz processor with 256MB of RAM and 420MB of hard disk space running Windows XP and later.

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