Duracell Rechargeables Part 2 

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Regular readers will know that I looked at some rechargeable batteries and chargers earlier in the year (12-5-10). Since then it has become apparent that I was not the only person who did not know Duracell did rechargeables.

When I looked at the ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ I was told they also did ‘C’ ‘D’ and 9volt so here the even better guarded secret the rest of the Duracell range. Since reviewing the ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ I have seen the former in the wild.

Finding ‘C’, ‘D’ and 9volt rechargeable batteries of any make is difficult and chargers for other than ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ is also not that easy. I have seen a few advertised in newspaper adverts but few in the shops I visit.

Duracell HR14 / DC1400

First the ‘C’ cell sold by Duracell in packs of two these still feature in a range of larger toys some portable CD and radios as well as some larger charging devices but of course the range of products is far less than the smaller ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ devices.

Like the smaller ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ batteries they have a near same casing as non rechargeables the exception is the green flash running up one side and all around the base of the batteries. The 2200mAh capacity is less than some ‘AA’ units.

Duracell HR20 / DC1300

During my tests I struggled to find many devices still using ‘D’ cells larger torches and a few older toys were all I found.

The look of the batteries is exactly the same as ‘C’ cells as is the 2200mAh capacity. Probably the least popular size but as I see very few non rechargeable ‘D’ cells in the shops if you have a device that needs them surely this makes having a supply of rechargeables even more important for anyone to have to hand for use.

Duracell HR9V / DC1604

Again not a battery that is hugely popular – with one major exception – but it is found in some remote controls for larger toys and other such models.

The same standard Duracell design of a gold top a black background to white writing but here the green flash does not go entirely to the base of the battery with the black band taking over around the base of the battery case.

So that all important use for every household that could one day save your life. The vast majority of smoke alarms use 9volt batteries.

Duracell Multicharger CEF22UK

It is 19.5x11x6cm and is designed to lay flat. Connection to the mains is via a supplied DC adapter of the sort where the power conversion is done in the plug, however unlike some ‘bricks’ it is no larger than a standard plug.

The 9volt recharges in the top end of the unit and the other sizes (including ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’) can use the other eight charging slots along the length of the unit. Unlike most other chargers it does not rely on a piece of sprung metal to make the contact instead it has proper spring operated contacts so it should last a good deal longer.

The link below has ‘C’, ‘D’ and 9volt available for £9.99 per pack. The Multicharger (2nd link) is £19.99, all prices are including free delivery.

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